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  1. Moving? Are you moving to the same area in which you live? I so know how you feel. When I moved to the TC area I was totally stressed in so many ways. I had moved away from all family and friends and had to search for a new job and it was, to be entirely honest, terrible. S had all of his old friends and family and I was totally alone. When I did finally find a job, we worked opposite hours. It was the largest test in our relationship, in my opinion.Just finding a home and getting it in working condition was stressful. Moving all of my junk and the cost of it all. Combining everything and arguing over what should be tossed and what should stay. Finding out you are missing important stuff like silverware or something. Yuck. It was not fun. Although, it was super exciting at the same time. Our first real home together...Yeah, it sucked but it was still ok.Anyway, whatever the situation, I totally feel for you.
  2. School? Work?As someone who was completely out of their mind with stress less than 48 hours ago, I will just say that it has to get better. Take one thing at a time. And I mean seriously. It is easy to say, but not always easy to do. Just focus on that one thing until the next thing comes up.Also, limit your caffeine intake. It's totally impossible to concentrate (or sit still) after you ingest extreme amounts of caffeine. And eat small amounts frequently. It keeps your mind working and the rest of your body awake.And if it isn't school or work related, just remember that it will pass. Focus on what you have to and remember that you will have freedom soon. With lots of time for fun and your guy.
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