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  1. Hi, Cole! I've been...well, it's a long story. But this thread is for a different long story! I knew most of this story before Cynus posted it, but seeing it all spelled out and in order like this was still powerful. I haven't been exactly quiet about my own criticisms of the way religion can dominate lives and inflict lasting emotional damage. A lot of the big issues addressed here (self-hatred, self-destructive behavior, denial, etc.) fit a narrative I've heard from a lot of recovering survivors of religious indoctrination, and I think having stories like this available for others
  2. Wow, so young to be so warped. Or is it So warped to be so young?

  3. Lives in Periphery A new serial novel by EleCivil --- Manufacturing plants opened up on the outskirts – little metal pockmarks against the amber waves of grain. They didn’t last. Now, there were abandoned factories and junk heaps just sitting around. Chunks of broken machines rusted into the gravel lots in front of condemned buildings. He had always been drawn to them; the abandoned machines and the ruins of a failed empire. This one was fairly close to school, and it had become his afternoon hideout. No one else knew this – they’d probably think he was w
  4. My first year teaching, I taught 4th graders. I then followed them to 5th grade, then 6th. These same kids are now 7th graders. I'm not in the classroom anymore - most of my day is spent riding a desk - but I still make time to visit that class. Today, I noticed that about half of them were wearing mismatched socks. You can easilly tell that these particular kids have been mine for 3 years straight. I was wearing mismatched socks as well. When the higher-ups questioned me about it, I said that my one white and one black sock was a Taoist religious expression, symbolizing yin and yang - an e
  5. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1jSgODkRTsg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> School's back in session! This will be my first year as an administrator. Who's the boss? I'm the boss! Hahahaha! I'm going to make all the teachers wear mismatched socks and learn to juggle! I'm gonna kick down classroom doors and attack classes with Silly String! My reign of zany, zany terror begins now! ...Okay, not really. But I did just spend the past couple weeks training the new teachers and helping them set up their rooms. I'm so excited to see my st
  6. Five pages before "Climax." Or two pages, if they're in the right mood.
  7. True story: Student 1: "Mr. Civil, Student 2 just tried to bite me!" EC: (Turns and glares at Student 2) "I knew it!" Student 2: "What?" EC: "You're a vampire! I've been saying it for years, but does anyone ever listen to crazy old Mr. Civil? No. Well, now they'll see that crazy old Mr. Civil isn't really all that old. I mean, crazy." (Rolls up a newspaper into a cone.) Student 1: "What are you doing?" EC: "What must be done. Hold still, Student 2, you're going to feel a slight stakey sensation." Student 2: "I'm not a vampire!" EC: "That's exactly what a vampire would say." Student 1:
  8. Indeed - if you wanted to be technical, I would consider myself an agnostic atheist, in that I do not believe it is possible to know whether there is a God, and I currently do not believe in one. (It is equally valid to be an agnostic theist - admitting that there is no way to prove the existance of a God, but believing in one anyway.) But most people don't understand that, so when asked, I just say "skeptic" because it's shorter. And if they don't understand THAT, I tell them I'm a Discordian.
  9. Des - I love that Alan Watts quote. He and Carl Sagan are some of my biggest influences when it comes to my views on religion.
  10. Silence is a virtue - when you're talking, you can't listen. When you can't listen, you can't learn. In general, I try to remind myself that there is something I can learn from every person I meet, provided I take the time to do so. As a wise man once said, "Never miss a good opportunity to shut up."
  11. This might be a long one. I'm going to preface this by saying that this is all the opinion of EleCivil, the eccentric weirdo whose advice you probably should not heed for any reason. It in no way represents the views of the site admins, etc. etc. legal stuff. I recently got an email from someone telling me that they enjoyed my short story, Fistfights with Flashlights - this was a short story that I wrote while in the middle of Leaves and Lunatics, when I was about 18 years old. To be honest, I remember almost nothing about it. It's about 90% autobiography, 10% fictionalized. I wrote it in one
  12. Hahaha, true. Oh, Garth Ennis. You with your interesting characters and storytelling buried under ten tons of intestines and bodily fluids.
  13. So, I had this idea for a Halloween costume: I'd grow a goatee, and go as my own evil twin from a mirror dimension. But here's the thing - not that many people are nerdy enough to get it. (Blue, help me out. I know you've got my back on this one.) What I've noticed is that people seem to interpret my "costume" differently based on their own backgrounds. As a man with a shaved head and a goatee dressed all in black, people have mistaken my costume for the following: Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin: Actor Brian Cranston: Comic book character Wee Hughie: And of course, the Satanist, A
  14. The world is ridiculous, and that's just awesome.
  15. I got my first teaching job two years ago, right out of college. At the time, I posted this: "The school has no art, music, gym, recess, or extra-curriculars. These were all shut down because of low test scores. The school itself is on the verge of being shut down by the government (depending on this year's test scores)." Bruin Fisher replied with this: "Cool. You will hit the school like a tornado. Its grades will shoot through the roof, the kids will become well-motivated, the arts courses will be re-established." I have my suspicions that Mr. Fisher might be a psychic. Or a witch. Here
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