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  1. Do feel free to post you own stories in more than one place. That way it's more likely that more people will get to read them. And they will show up further in search engines the more sites they are found on.
  2. Don't worry about. Do it the same way in future if you want. There is no RULE about using emphasis effects. Different writers of different styles in different genres do it different ways. The same authors use different methods in different stories or novels, but always the same method in the same story or novel. Consistency among the related works is all that matters. If you want to pick one way and use it for all your stories, go for it. I use CAPS to indicate yelling in convos, italics for whispers. Almost always. MS Word for writing, and if I submit it for editing. Sometimes as an html page if I know it's just for nifty. Swapping it around doesn't lose CAPS or italics.
  3. And would dare argue that these aren't the most advanced and enlightened of all human history as well.
  4. So, Rad, would you say this question got answered, or what? LOL I've used both in the past.
  5. Nice takes guys. Anyone else want to take a whack at it?
  6. You think THAT is a rant? Wooo, are you in for a surprise or two then! lol Plus now that my job has gone POOF thanks to more automation, I have too much time to spend online. And I'm used to typing quickly, as well as in great quantity. And I try not to rant, but when an emotion is involved, well, OFF I GO! Do not be afraid to post. The writing challenge is brand new, and just for fun, and just for something to do.
  7. No shock, lol. Not to put down GA, but AD is far less stuffy. But the ones that come here are active, not lurkers. I've been asked why I 'hang out at a site for kids like AD'. Pffffft. This place is far more adult and mature than I've seen yet in the genre. And most of the regulars and authors are adults. The stories might circle around youths and teens, but they do everywhere that isn't full of A/S/L posts and a chat room with the same. The 'adult chat sites' make me want to hurl. AD is about as 'for kids only' as the Cartoon Network is! If you pass by quickly and just glance, it might look that way, but if you stop and watch a while, you'll see it's far superior to other places in many ways. Welcome in, and hope you feel as comfortable and welcome as I do.
  8. The old car had been sitting there on the used car lot for weeks now. Everyday as I drove to work I saw it sitting there. It was as if it were teasing me, reminding me of the old times, back when I had one so much like it. Those were the better days. Driving along with the car full of friends, the music playing, all of us laughing. I miss those times, as I expected I would, even then. But time moves onward, dragging us with it. And now, even thinking of owning such a car was ludicrous. Now, those cars were for the younger crowd. Me and my minivan were doing fine, and I needed the space for the way my life is now. I could never use such a small, fast, sexy car again. Only desperate old men drove them, other than the young men who still felt the way such a sportster gave the driver. No, now my minivan was all I needed. It gets good gas mileage, and it's easy to care for. It was all I needed now. But the papers were signed, and the keys were in my hand, and I was out of the lot in the little hotrod with a squeal of tires and a cloud of smoke behind me! What were the guys at work going to think when I pulled up in it? What do I care! I cranked the oldies station up on the excellent sound system and yelled, "Ahead, warp speed!" as I floored it.
  9. How about this. At other sites is was, or maybe still is, that challenges are put up for writers to meet. Sometimes a theme, sometimes an object or story idea is put up, and everyone, not just those who want to write, give it a shot to meet the criteria in a short work. Nothing fancy, and nothing to be graded or such, just something for everyone to take a whack at. As long or short as you make it, just keep it a short work, lol. So how about this. Seems there are lots of car stories. The character in a car, someone being seen in a car, something to do with cars, all recently. So how about this........everyone do a very short 'story' starting out with........ "The old car had been sitting there on the used car lot for weeks now. Everyday as I (drove, walked, took the bus) to (work, school, the store, a friend's) I saw it sitting there. It was............." Start it with that, or something else you come up with. Let your imagination go. No reality checks, talking cars are fine, etc. Just have some fun with it and see what you come up with!
  10. Fewer truer words were ever spoken. Yet, ultimately, it was a man who wrote them, of course. Charlie was a good man, and a good actor. Many of his movies are my on my all-time favorites lists, even the very shortest lists. He knew a good movie, and he knew a good deed: He performed many of both in his lifetime.
  11. I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing or not. Or even if doing anything at all was the right thing. Or not. I've been told again and again, just don't do anything. They say if things were meant to be, then they were. Or not. But since I pulled out of that creepy old gas station, I feel better. At least putting that thing behind me was the right thing to do. They say the sun can make you see strange things. How could that have been an illusion? I can remember the stale sweat smell of the old man when the wind shifted, blowing it across me. And there was no way I fixed the radiator! Just where did that new hose come from, then? I shook my head, smiled and reached for the cigarettes. Damn! Six left! Make that five. Well, I'm not going back to that station! There's another down the road if I remember right, at the highway over the mountains. Just hope it's soon. Should have got gas back there. Hahahahahaha. I wonder if it would have worked? Be in the tank, that is. I should have. The results would have been interesting. Looking at the half tank left, I hope it's enough. The radio will only pick up that one station, still. Probably the mountains coming up, blocking the signals. And the mountains behind. And nothing but sand and cactus between. Maybe when I get there, things will be different. I can always hope that; that things will get better. I can't make them worse. But then my past record runs though my mind, and I realize that if anyone could, I could. But I was on the way now. No turning back. Well, I could turn back, and I have enough gas I could get back to the highway and the truck stops on the other side of those mountains. Not even any trucks on this road. Just me and the sand. The hum of the tires on the asphalt, the roar of the wind, the vibration and rumble of the engine. And the damned sand that smacks you in the face from time to time. Keeps you awake anyway. But it's irritating. Like all those things that sent me on this road. The little things that he used to say or do. The smile and nod coming in and going out the apartment. I miss those. And when he'd brush his hand across my back as he passed me in the kitchen, or the patio. Or like long ago, every time he could. But am I doing the right thing? They say to let things rest, but I've learned that often it's not best to ignore a fire in your house. Or a banging noise in your engine. When a problem comes up, you don't ignore it. You do what you can to settle it. Or at least prevent it from becoming something bigger or worse. Fires spread. Engine noises lead to more and worse noises. It was never my way to listen to the most popular advice anyway. Most people are stunned, stunted sheep. They pull the covers over their heads and hide from the spreading fire, chanting, "It'll go away if I ignore it." Sure it will. But I've also learned that some fires are too big to mess with, and you should get away from them and let them burn. If you're lucky, they will burn out without doing too much damage. And then, sometimes, you need to call the Fire Department; get help of some kind. But what was this time? And was I headed in the right direction? But ever since I pulled onto to the road from that station, after thinking long and hard about which way to go like the old man wanted, I knew it wasn't the direction I wanted to go. But it was the direction I should go. I just hope that when I get there, that things will be better. Damn, four smokes left.
  12. Good news all around then! Off to read a new short story......
  13. If anyone doesn't want to email me, fine. I'm glad there are many who don't.
  14. This is a large group of lunatics who actually feel they are doing the right thing. They feel strongly that "GOD" is actually causing all the country's ills, because the Supreme Court won't say the Constitution says something that it doesn't. They want a lie to be codified into federal law. And they are going to deceased solders' funerals, chanting insanely disgusting things at the soldiers' friends and families, not the worst of which that the soldiers died in vain fighting for the wrong side. At their funerals!!! These are people who think they are 'holy'? And on a 'holy mission'? Such activity has been considered absolutely the worst behavior possible going back into ancient antiquity. And they aren't the only ones. And this isn't the only example of how man has become. I'm not saying there aren't specks of decency and sanity still, I'm saying those specks grow dimmer and further apart by the day. And the dark, empty void of hate and irrationality expands to fill the vacuum with ease. Yes, I say if there is a 'end time', that we not only are in it, we are going to be the generations that see the end of all days. And this is not a recent observation of mine. You can google me for such comments going back for years on the internet, and not just on my own sites. This scum is just another example of the modern depravity of the human species. I'm sorry if you live in a rosier world. Keep your glasses on by all means. It makes it easier. Or maybe I'm just a pissed off old man, and have been for decades. I'll accept that label. And those people should be arrested on site when they do those kinds of things. Freedom of Speech is clearly intended to protect ideas and thoughts, and the free exchange and discussion of them. But it was never meant to protect speech or actions that are harmful, intended to harm, or false. Not only can't they put ANY evidence forward to support their 'thoughts', they can't even rationalize why they are invading a decidedly and legally private event. One of the most private, reverent, even holy moments in the life of ONE, at least, if not to mention the family and friends of the one. Free Speech does not apply, on several counts. Hate Speech is directly applicable. So is 'actions intended to induce or create physical, mental or emotional harm'. They are scum. They should only be treated as such in public and private. And any members in their 'church' should have resigned, walked out, and not returned until this group did the right thing. But too late now! "Ignore it and it will go away and everything will be alright!" strikes again.
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