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  1. Really, I am... I'm alive, somewhat good. Busy with life and cackling...yeah... I can be found on Y!Gallery. It's an 18 plus site, so no link. i can also be seen on Gay Authors. Beyond that, nothing much has happened.
  2. I've been sick...unfortunatly. I hate colds. As it is, I can't move from 10 feet from my fan without getting all hot. On top of that, I'm in lots of pain, mostly my back. I'm stuck taking some major pain killers and hoping to high hell that it will go away. It's ebil!! Ebil I say! See!! I hate colds. But at least I've been doing a lot of writing. Finished an entry for another forum and the writing excersise that we had. It was so much fun! Now...I have a story to finish before working on something else. *ugh* Wait! I have to do something. I cackle! *cackles* *cough* *cough* *hack* *cough
  3. I end up sick and unable to come around...and yet there's no new installment for this. *cries* I wanna know what happens. I would offer...but my muses are busy with other things.
  4. You're telling me...my wrist is swollen...and is your hand still a slut?
  5. I hugged the raccoon...carefully. I'm not trusting the raccoon not to go poo near me...Still have the fur on my coat...
  6. Yeah! Camy, please? *puppy dog eyes* I would offer to add, but I'm busy with a few other projects.
  7. AARGH!! *pouts* Now I have to wait. But very, very nice. Well done.
  8. I know I'm weird. I like being weird. It's only mocking you until you use it. Fear not ... pluck it from thine notebook, and the mocking will stop.I've growled and typed it out now. I now smirk at it as I continue work on the next chapter. I cackle. *cackles*
  9. It's a flash story alright. Like I said, this one made me think about it before I started to write. Thank you for saying so. And yes, it does need to be written just right to give the impact you want in such few words. This one just came to me after the first line. I just recalled on my experience for love and it turned out longer then I was anticipating. I'm glad you do like it though. Thanks, again.
  10. I'm shocked at myself. I know what I want to write for a future chapter of 'A Butterfly's Dream.' Shocking... No, it really is shocking. I don't plan for future chapters with this much detail. I know exactly what I'm going to write and have written it down. It's now sitting in my note book mocking me... IT MOCKS ME!! HOW DARE IT MOCK ME!! Okay, I'm done now. It's still shocking and is still mocking me. Stupid words. Anyways, I'm off to finish one of my fanfiction stories (I hope) and then work on a few more drabbles/one shots...
  11. As I'm sure you've noticed, I write flash stories. They are generally somewhere between 200 to a few thousand words, depending on how fast I type before the timer goes off. *glares at egg timer* Anyways, I decided to post this one here since it's one that made me take a moment and really thing. You can find all of the stories here Prompt word # 7: Love Its butterflies in the stomach and smiles that carry a secret. It?s walking hand in hand, even if it in secret. Its soft kisses and softer looks. It?s holding each other close, no need for sexual intimacy every night. Its giggles and laugh
  12. Bleach is an anime. In all acutality the title is "BLEACH." It's a good show with much fighting, blood and...I said fighting didn't I? It's a good anime all around. I rather like it and it's just as popular as Naruto. Mind you, I don't usually watch animes like this, prefering japanation movies with pleanty of sex, blood, gore and creatures that come straight from your nightmares. *drools*
  13. Rose Strailo


    Yeah! Don't give away how the people become...I'll just shut up now.... Though I'm going through it like the psycho beta I am. I'm pointing out where there are weak spots mostly. Though I am enjoying the read.
  14. So, not only am I an original writer, but I write fanfiction. I love fanfiction. Preferably Bleach or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've decided I want to write one shots about various Bleach pairings. I posted the request and ended up with three reviews in 30 minutes. I also ended up with 25 pairings that make me want to coo in happiness. I love it and I'm looking forward to more coming. *cackles*
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