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  1. Optimism is the expectation of all things, Des, and the distinction in your closing comment is nothing short of revolution- a shift of perspective that accepts life as it is and makes the best of it. (Picture me clapping my hands and jumping up and down) <g> "Progress" is by nature, collective; it is the future of the present with the essence of the past in its bones, a response to desire, not subject to it. What we have is "forward movement"; clearly, the rate of loss is unsustainable and the story of your loss brought that home to me tonight, and with it a thousand species, a jumb
  2. In the span of 4 or 5 years, my employer, a government-run non-profit organization and healthcare provider for the under-served population of the entire state of Minnesota, in the interest of viability underwent a radical change of governance to become what was, essentially, a non-profit healthcare provider to the under-served population of a single, albeit large, county, that for all other purposes adopted the business model and practices of private corporations all across America. And before the dust settled organizationally, I would see 2 new Lab Directors, 3 new managers, 5 supervisory c
  3. TracyMN

    Well, why not?

    Well... I can think of one reason. But will I remember it... Thanks for your support guys. Tracy
  4. I thought I'd dredge this up to say I, too, use OneLook, because Cole suggested it when he got tired of being my dictionary, and it serves my purposes nicely. I likeWikipedia for information. We need more of these threads, no duplications! Tracy
  5. TracyMN

    Well, why not?

    Not sure I need another place to talk, but at least I'll be on solid ground. I'm going to go see what the rest of you do here. T.
  6. Thanks EJ, that one would have got me. Tracy
  7. Thanks Camy, I was just telling someone last night about the moment I realized that topics I had typed into email were appearing in the ads on the right side of the page. And I figure any time they provide an opt-out (albeit, well hidden) it's because they are required to, and I have to wonder whose idea of protection this is?? I don't have enough info to be sure, but I might have to have more respect for someone who just admits they could care less about me or what I want or what is in my best interest than the motives behind this dog and pony show. Tracy
  8. I am that gullible, naive eejit i'm sure--and as Camy says, it's a blog entry; I don't know what the heading above "posted in "Stories" means or what it is that has everyone qualifying their responses (James?), and since the worst I could be is wrong...If I am surprised by your candor, James, that is where it ends--it's not difficult to see that sixteen year old, offended by cruelty that makes no sense, strong in himself, bj or not; and going after Randy, well, we were all sixteen and we know what that takes. It's lovely to see your friends so happy for you, and of course, I am too.You're on
  9. I remember my internship well, those six months of "practicing" what I would soon be doing for real; the chance to see if I had learned what I had paid the college to teach me before I went out, I get that, and now that I work at a teachining hospital I understand the benefits of taking on interns and having a pool of already trained personnel to fill vacancies for your trouble, but what exactly are we paying the school for when we're not there and their job is basically done? It's another of those things you shake your head, do what you gotta do, and when it's over you leave it behind for th
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