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  1. No way to see this coming...
  2. I passed it along to my daughter, rumor has it she's a gamer.
  3. Same assessment, Cole. But then, a 15 year old would be laughing at me for more than this... Fun, but of dubious origin. T.
  4. LOL, I don't get it. But I like the brown dog with the black eyes.
  5. Optimism is the expectation of all things, Des, and the distinction in your closing comment is nothing short of revolution- a shift of perspective that accepts life as it is and makes the best of it. (Picture me clapping my hands and jumping up and down) <g> "Progress" is by nature, collective; it is the future of the present with the essence of the past in its bones, a response to desire, not subject to it. What we have is "forward movement"; clearly, the rate of loss is unsustainable and the story of your loss brought that home to me tonight, and with it a thousand species, a jumble of numbers held at bay. I'd call that worthwhile, and hope you will, too. Tracy
  6. In the span of 4 or 5 years, my employer, a government-run non-profit organization and healthcare provider for the under-served population of the entire state of Minnesota, in the interest of viability underwent a radical change of governance to become what was, essentially, a non-profit healthcare provider to the under-served population of a single, albeit large, county, that for all other purposes adopted the business model and practices of private corporations all across America. And before the dust settled organizationally, I would see 2 new Lab Directors, 3 new managers, 5 supervisory changes and enough rearrangement of instrumentation and work space to keep me moving in circles forever. Staff changes, benefit changes, rules, regulations, inspections, hospital evaluation surveys, lab safety, inventory, environment surveys, regulatory changes, procedural changes, all contributed to a general feeling of chaos and dissatisfaction, amidst an administrative model that solicited more opinions than it could possibly accommodate and at the end of the day, ignore them all. Many of my coworkers had never worked anywhere else, and being less surprised meant listening to the indignation and sense of entitlement that government jobs are said to foster. Surviving the day on the good side of satisfied was my new measure of success. Solutions are great, but sometimes being reminded that we are not alone in our experience of even the most complicated circumstances is all the relief the moment requires. Take comfort where you find it. (Wasn;t that a song, like a hundred years ago? Bread if I'm not mistaken...) As usual, I found this looking for something else...I don't remember what it was now, and look what I got instead! Thanks Des, Cole, Princes if ever there was. Tracy
  7. Jumping Over My Mountain! That's the one I was thinking of, though I read Ms. Chin on Gay Authors and would never have found it. Thanks TBear! The other I do not know, the story or the author, but I don't think I know the other one you're looking for, just some things along the same line. Obviously, you should not give up hope. T.
  8. Oh sure, but suspend my daughter for three days for bringing Black Cats (little things you throw down and they "explode"- I'd call it a snap, but that's just me...). Never mind that she wasn't around for the "discharge of a firearm", or that the potential for harm is virtually non-existent, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS and zero tolerance rules apply. Well, serious in Minnesota, anyway. Where respect for authority is an uphill battle...
  9. Interesting spin, James, but certainly as accurate, and more diplomatic, than I have or am likely to put on it.
  10. More than a little of the writer in his work here. Well-captured and beautifully complimented. I love this place!
  11. Aren't you a Prince! If I'm not back in a month... Thanks
  12. I'm in !! It's a family thing, and if I don't really know what I'm talking about... I like who I like or who my friends like.
  13. I'm sure I know the second one, time will tell if I can pull it out of my hat. I've got a notebook somewhere...and the first one rings some bells, too. I read a couple hundred stories when I first arrived, and get excited when I see someone is searching for a particular one. No promises, but it's going to be some fun looking, so thanks for asking! Tracy
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