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  1. Another great Cole Parker short. Honestly, this guy can get more mileage out of the fewest words of any author I know. Every word contributes to the story. And this one was, like everything Cole writes, AWESOME.
  2. Love it. Bound to be another Cole Parker Classic.I mean, has Cole EVER written anything that wasn't? The same could be said about Chris James, another great author. I want write like them when I grow up.
  3. And he is working on a sequel that is appearing to be even better. I'm lucky to be an editor so I get a brief glimpse of what is to come. Love this writer.
  4. I was like you. PLEASE, go on, it gets better I promise. You certainly won't regret it. Cole doesn't write un-good.
  5. From the Cup of the Worthless. I just wanted to talk about this most incredible story. It is a totally unique storyline. One of honor and the underworld crime syndicates. It's unlikely allies and the honor among thieves. It is certainly one of the best that he has produced yet to date. I had the privalledge to beta read it for him so I know what is to come and all I can say is strap yourselves in because this is going to be the ride of your life. Enjoy and Cynus . . . Thanks so very much.
  6. I wrote to him and said pretty much the same thing. As it turns out it is the premise for his operation Hammerhead and I think he said there will be other spin offs as well. It is indeed an awesome peace.
  7. Oh boo! Leave it to Gee to make it sexual. lol And you know what they used to say! A man that will pun will certainlypick a pocket!
  8. Yes, a fantastic story. Not at ALL what you'd suspect from the title either. I loved the story and it is excellent.
  9. The author is MIA. No one knows what has happened to him. The story is not finished. It was just getting to the part we have all been waiting for. Frustration remains at high levels.
  10. I agree, it's rather heart wrenching. So many followers that were/are devoted to this story and then to leave them all hanging without a word. And he has visited his GAyAuthors page as it shows Last Active May 23 2013 03:02 PM SO he has stopped back in. Which makes it even more frustrating. For him to just vanish like that without reason or word just when the story is getting to the part that ALL of it lead up to. *sigh*
  11. What an incredible read. This meaty triliogy is a real page turned. I loved every minute of it and there are absolutely zero lose ends. Nill W perhaps best known for his Castaway Hotel series has really outdone himself on this one. A young Elf ferreted away at becomes aware of a qwest to fulfil a prophesy to destroy a dark wizard. All 3 books are written although the third is just now being posted. I was lucky enough to beta read for him and it is one of the best otherworld fantasies I have read. The chapters are meaty and good sized and the story is fast. You'll be hooked from the first page. Sex is very minor and extremely well written, quite tastefully done. (Pun intended) The Sword Of Kings http://www.gayauthors.org/story/bill-w/swordofkingsforgedoutofnecessity
  12. Ryan Bartlett has passed 31 AUgust 2015 as confirmed by Dave Schriber of Dabeagle's doghouse. He was an outstanding author and his talent and wordcraft will be missed. Writer's NEVER run out of words. Immortality comes from the ones we actually get written. RIP Ryan
  13. I always liked a little cheek in a man. lol
  14. Oh that is priceless. You were quite the smart alex weren't you? I believe the british would call that a bit of cheek. lol
  15. Which reminds me of a story: A bear wanders into a bar and steps up to the bartender, "Barkeep! Give me a beer!" The bar tender looks at the bear, "I'm sorry Mr Bear, we don't serve bears beers in the bar." The bear was stunned by this, "I don't think you understand barkeep, I'm a bear and I want a beer now!" The barkeep nonplussed says, "No, YOU don't understand. We have rules here. We Don't serve bears beers in the bar!" The bear is really angry now. He looks down the bar and see a beautiful blond. He turns back to the barkeep, "Bartender, you see that blonde down there, well if you don't give me a beer and right now, I'm going to eat her alive. Now how about that beer." It wasn't a question. The bar tender sets down the glass he's been polishing and leaned over the bar getting in the bears face, "We DON'T SERVE BEARS beers in the bar!" The bear is really done trying to get along with this guy and backing up his word wanders down to the end of the bar and proceeds to rip the poor woman apart right before the bartender. Now blood dripping from his mouth he turns to the barkeep one more time. Glaring at him he says, "Bartender, I'll have that beer now!" The bartender looks at the bear with disgust in his eyes, "We don't serve DRUG ADDICTS beers in this bar!" The bear was stunned by this. "Wait, I'll cop to being a bear, but I'm no drug addict!" The bartender leans over the bar and get's in the bear's face, "I SAW that BAR-BITCH-U-ATE!"
  16. Perhaps you're a little anule? lol
  17. Exactly! Which of course is why we're drawn to them.
  18. I KNOW! I told him a decent chapter was 12-16 K words. But he's a headstrong Brit and keeps stopping for tea. Go figure.
  19. For those seeking the exiled Westcliff Writer formerly from GA he has resurfaced here: http://westcliffwriter.wix.com/story-site#!home/mainPage And Puppy Fot Sale is there too!
  20. Ha! Me too. Well not hanging out around the computer but I've read it before. It was just as good the second time around. SO I've been on campain to see if I've missed one of his stories so I'm reading all the short ones again.
  21. What's that? Twists in a story from a straight shooter like Cole? 0.0 Imagine my surprise. o.o not! I mean a cole parker signature on a story is like the Rolex of twists and turns. I guess I better check it out. Thanks!
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