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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/rainbow-birthday-calgary-1.6157335 This happened not too far from my stomping grounds. Note the outdoor hockey rink the background, as it mandatory in most community parks in Canada.
  2. Absolutely amazing story. And amazing writing. Douglas has a way of pulling one into the story so deep it takes a while to remember what time it is, and when one last ate, or how long one has been putting off those kitchen chores awaiting one. Very well done. Thanks for writing this wonderful tale, Douglas!
  3. Interesting guy, is David. I like how you've written him so far, Cole. A bit hot headed maybe, but really wants to do what's right. And, perhaps, Nicki might know a bit more about David than David does. I guess we'll see! I'm hoping Nicki comes into the story more later. I like her. As for Jordan, not quite enough to go on yet. Shy, okay. Good at soccer, clearly. Probably a bit shell-shocked with the family situation. I'm looking forward to more, thanks for this one so far, Cole.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestions so far. Don't forget 'Please Come With Me' by Douglas. Or 'China Boat' ....actually any story by Douglas.
  5. Yup, me too. Who knows what the reference behind the term 'being on tenterhooks' is? In fact, most folks tend to write this as 'being on tenderhooks' these days because they don't know. Or the literal meaning behind 'bury the hatchet' before beginning negotiations. Or why the term 'big wig' means important person. I could go on. I love the etymology of these old words and phrases, often almost lost in the mists of time. As for cell phones, here in Canada it pretty much mirrors US usage of terms. Except cell phones are so ubiquitous now that most people simply say 'phone'. The 'cell' is superfluous. If you want to indicate an actual hard-wired old fashioned phone you now have to indicate that specifically by saying 'landline.' A young person was calling somebody a little while back (on his cell phone, of course), and managed to get a busy signal. The look of puzzlement on his face as he put the phone on speaker and asked, "What is *that*? Something is wrong with the connection!" was priceless. I explained the concept of busy signals to looks of puzzlement and horror all around. He'd literally never heard a busy signal before, thanks to call waiting and voicemail, etc.
  6. An excellent start to what promises to be an emotional journey of self discovery and relationships. I'm looking forward to more of this one.
  7. Bravo! Very well done. A heartfelt tale of change and growth. My favorite kind. Thanks very much for writing this Alan.
  8. I had to laugh at your notes about your editor's reactions to this story. Not quite the usual Cole Parker story we see here, but every bit as enjoyable. Well done.
  9. I was panicking. I re-read the text message sent from Josh three days ago. “Positive. Sorry. You’d better go too.” I was in trouble, in more ways than one. And I had no idea at all how I was doing to deal with this. So, I dealt with it the same way I deal with all major issues that I have no idea how to deal with. I ignored and procrastinated. Despite my astoundingly poor success rate at this life strategy, it seemed remarkably enticing. So, that’s what I had been doing. I mean, it wasn’t HIV. Or even Syphilis or Gonorrhea or some other STD, thank god. And it probably, almost certainly, wasn’t going to be a big deal to me. Fatality rates for Covid 19 for 15 year old boys were remarkably low. But then I saw a graph on Reddit, and read the article it linked to. And I got scared. I really didn’t want to be responsible for getting Grandma sick. Or worse. And for the last day I’d had a headache. And the thermometer in my mouth told me I had a fever. So I knew I had to tell Mom. The problem was, I wasn’t allowed to see Josh. And hadn’t been allowed for weeks and weeks. Ever since Mom caught us hugging just a wee bit too long when he was leaving, and smiling at each other while looking into each others’ eyes. I mean, it turned out she was right, in a way. But for the wrong reasons. Josh wasn’t, in the end, a ‘good influence on me.’ But not for the reasons she thought. There was no danger at all of him turning me gay. The unspoken concern Mom had. I was already gay long before I hooked up with Josh. But when I found out after the fact what kind of person he was, I decided that was enough of that. But it was too late. We’d already been with each other. In the biblical sense. I mean, Mom didn’t have to know that, but she’d end up knowing I was with Josh. Almost for sure. And then she’d suspect why. No doubt about it. And she’d be, well, she’d be Mom. Not only because of her suspicions about me, but with her going on about ‘social distancing’ for the last week or so. Aside from being a homophobe, she was also a germophobe. I went downstairs. Sweating profusely. And not just from my fever. I found her in her office. “Mom, I’m not feeling well…” She looked up over her computer monitor at me. Her expression was thunderous.
  10. Another fun Cole Parker story. Well done, and I'm glad there was a part 2. Thanks for writing it.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Christmas 1940
  12. A new story by Driver?!? I am gobsmacked. And so, so looking forward to reading this. As per the advice in this thread, I began tonight by going and re-reading 'Sudden Storm' Well, I needed a real good emotional breakdown anyway. And my tissue supply needs replenishing. I had forgotten how powerful that story is. As well as the rest of Driver's stories. Now to re-read Falling off a Log and the Quarry...
  13. Yup, I don't imbibe either, but I agree with the legalization. The prohibition was causing *far* too many problems.
  14. Canada is about to become the 2nd nation in the world, and the first so-called 'first-world' nation to have nationwide federally legal cannabis. The federal legalization is significant from an economic, political, legal, and social framework, as it frees up banking, postal, trade, and other hugely problematic issues in places where there is local legalization or tolerance but federal prohibition. Naturally, the news sites, radio stations, TV, etc, all all abuzz on the stone cold effects and consequences of this burning issue. Everyone is in a haze wondering what will happen. Definitely a joint issue for everyone, and it'll be interesting to see how we hash this out from a grass-roots level so we don't end up in the weeds. I think it's a real potluck question about what will happen when the smoke clears. The first pot shop plans to open at exactly midnight in Newfoundland, about three hours from this moment, and the proprietor plans to to be one half of the very first fully federally legal cannabis sale in Canada, by selling some weed to his father at exactly midnight. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/newfoundlander-aims-to-be-1st-independent-retailer-to-sell-legal-cannabis-in-canada-1.4865031
  15. A true and useful hallmark of quality in any story. I couldn't agree more.
  16. An absolute gem of a story. Cole, somehow you keep reaching into that well and drawing up gold. The character development, the relationship between the boys, the relationship between the twins, the 'spicy' scenes, the relationship with the parents and the dad's character and character development, Li's character, and, of course, the obligatory handling of the bully. Well done. I mean, I hate to sound like a broken record when I comment on your stories, but, there it is again. Well done. And, more importantly, thanks for writing this. I enjoyed it immensely.
  17. Fun and cute story. Thanks for this one, Cole.
  18. I was looking out for this story, after being given a heads up by Cole. It was wonderful, Cole. Thanks for writing it. Yes, so many teens struggle mightily with the coming out issue. A few short years ago I watched my brother-in-law's sister's boy go through exactly this conundrum. And his parents are quite religious to boot (one of the religions that isn't exactly accepting of gay folks), so this made it even more of a struggle. It did not have quite as happy an outcome as your story in the immediate aftermath, unfortunately, but has since been settled out and reconciled. It was a difficult time though for this lad. As always Cole, your story was well written and elicited exactly the right tension and emotions. Well done. You can find it here. Go and read it.
  19. I was waiting for that red FINAL text in the updates list. Oh goody. I sat down and read this one through from beginning to end. Excellent story, Cole. I like the flaws in the main character, and how his history colored his perceptions of everything that happened between himself and Dylan, and between himself and so many others. Something I always have a soft spot for in stories like this is catalysts. And Shaun was very much a catalyst. I found myself wondering about his character and history, his story. What allowed him to come up with that speech that motivated Aaron to go and talk to Dylan? Of course, that's not who the story was about, so that's just an aside, but I did like his on and off effect on Aaron as he tried to figure himself out. Very well done!
  20. When I was talking about the Alberta issues surrounding this perhaps I did a poor job of expressing what this was all about. My apologies, if so. I agree with you about having open meetings, at least some of the time. Open meetings like you suggest are indeed how many GSAs operate and this can be very effective. And, of course, they're not 'hiding' the topics, or the existence of the clubs nor making parents unwelcome. And are encouraging students to ensure they talk to their parents about this and other issues, where appropriate. That isn't the issue surrounding this controversy, nor the intent. Instead, it's to protect those needing protection. The issue, of course, is rights. Parents have some, yes. But, so do kids. And the older the kids, the more this is the case, and yes, sometimes it is appropriate and necessary for the rights of a teen to supersede the perceived rights of their parent.
  21. ...so have fun and thanks for taking out that alien UFO. I mean, that *is* the point of the day, right? (And here I am still recovering from Canada Day on Sunday)
  22. The issue here, of course, is that this is a student club run by students. And of course nobody is going to get in an accident or be murdered or become suicidal due to this any more than they will in math class or chess club. Again, it's rather the reverse. Meetings such as this help prevent suicides due to conditions outside of this, usually at home. And the indoctrination argument fails utterly from the get-go.
  23. Well, the thing is Chris, the statistics for gay and questioning youth attempting or completing suicide are not really much different here than in many other places. And this data, and the broader social issues surrounding it, were part of the arguments that allowed this law and similar laws to be enacted and challenges like the one discussed in the article to not be successful. Unfortunately, plenty of excellent evidence shows that many of these youth were driven to be suicidal *because* of their parents reaction to them possibly being lgbqt. In fact, that is why legislation such as this tends to arise. In this case, of course, it was because certain groups (quite often religious, but not exclusively so) and political parties were beginning to demand that schools immediately inform parents every time their kid is seen wandering into a GSA meeting. This, of course, would be the exception to typical modus operandi, rather than the reverse. After all, schools don't typically press the alert button on the batphone to the parents when their kid wanders into Chess club. And, of course, this led to the expected fallout. And it began at the grass roots highschool level. Timid kids, and kids with controlling and possibly abusive parents, began to avoid an important resource for them. Outspoken and politically active kids, noticing what was happening, and the direct negative consequences to those affected, often their friends, began to raise shit. Outspoken, confident, and politically active kids tend to have a higher incidence of happening to have outspoken and politically active parents, often well connected. This is not, of course, the only legislation surrounding the rights of adolscents vs. the rights of parents. Also under this broad umbrella are access to medical services when these go against their parents' religious beliefs, such as blood transfusions and many other medical procedures, and access to birth control and pregnancy testing, and STD testing and treatment.
  24. The Canadian province that I currently reside in, Alberta (For US Residents, think Texas, and you'll have generally the right idea of the culture and politics here for the most part), has been undergoing a rather heated political battle for the past few years. The political party that currently makes up the opposition and that was the previous governing party in the province has been adamant that parents should be informed each and every time their child dares to attend a GSA meeting at a school. This party, of course, is quite far to the right. Their reasoning for this, or so they claim, is that parents have the right to know what their minor children are doing in any and every circumstance. Period. Naturally, the dissent on this issue was loud and strong. The current government of this province is quite far to the left, despite the overall right wing sentiment in general in the culture of this province. I won't go into the interesting and kind of complex events that led a left wing party (rather further to the left than the Democrats in the US) to form the government of perhaps the most right wing province in Canada, but nonetheless, needless to say, prior to forming the government they led the rally to ensure kids' privacy with regards to their choice to attend GSA's, and since forming the government they have continued to work on this. After forming the government they passed a law protecting kids from this very thing. Needless to say, faith based groups and right wing groups and so-called 'parental rights' groups were not pleased. Today, An Alberta judge dismissed an attempt by the folks saying kids' had no right to privacy on this issue to put a hold on the current law ensuring schools will *not* inform parents of their attendance in GSAs. A big win for students supporting GSAs, regardless of their sexuality. Here's a link to the article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/gsa-injunction-overturned-1.4724713 And another article: https://globalnews.ca/news/4300217/alberta-gay-straight-alliance-judge-injunction-bill-10/
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