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  1. hikar

    A year lost

    Thank you for your comments. After reading what I wrote again I found several mistakes about the use of person (I mixed first and third person in what should have been third person), it will be corrected in the final draft. I suspect my english was better than this in the past, but it has been more than 5 years since I had to use it on an everyday basis to write or to speak, and then it was for a short period of time (2 months or so), I still keep reading (of course) and you hear spoken english everywhere even in a country like Colombia. So yes, stricture and grammar are big problems for me
  2. hikar

    A year lost

    Hello guys. This is my very first try at writing something important in a language that is different from my beloved native spanish, so I blame any stupid structure mistakes to that (phew got off the hook easy). This is kinda the introduction of a novel that explores adiction as an act of will rather than as an act of a substance (those cleptomaniac, problem gamblers, et,al understand what I'm talking about). I'm really in need of an editor as english is not my native language, and eventhough I try to do my best effort I don't think it's enough. If you don't like depressing stories please
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