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  1. Very sad to hear that Wayne will not publish the story on Nifty. I wish that he would contact me if he has some concerns.
  2. A partial history of Nifty is described in the History section of the "About" page. Nifty shifted to a non-CMU site because the staff member who originally started to collect the stories and provide the hosting chose to leave CMU because the university refused to recognize benefits for domestic partners. This also coincided with the litigation of the Communication Decency Act. When that was resolved, Nifty re-appeared and was hosted on a number of donated web hosting sites. Nifty eventually transitioned to its own web hosting. Nifty always welcomed contributions and some people uploaded stories and collections of stories to the FTP site anonymous upload area. Most of the stories were collected from postings to USENET erotica groups, such as alt.sex.stories and alt.sex.stories.gay. As USENET waned, the collection effort shifted focus to direct story submissions. In regard to the other part of this thread, I appreciate that not all readers like all of the topics and stories on Nifty. After reviewing nearly all of the stories for the past 25 years, I definitely have learned that there are a wide variety of tastes and a wide variety of writing styles. I am trying to utilize "Best of Nifty and the Net" and the redesigned front page to highlight well-written, adult stories so that readers can find the types of stories that they prefer. Ideally I want Nifty to host a very wide variety of stories. I realize that it is a delicate balance and it is difficult to please everyone. I hope that all authors with less overtly sexual stories will share their stories through Nifty as well.
  3. I am planning more extensive changes to the main landing page and the flow of the site. If current readers want to provide feedback, that would be great. Nifty is one of the oldest sites on the Internet. Current users are comfortable with its quirks, but it is not very inviting to new users. I understand that current users don't want it to change. It needs to adapt and I want to make it better without driving away the current users.
  4. Nifty is exploring some options to improve the design and user interface of the website. If you would be interested to provide feedback about a mock up, please let me know. Thanks, Nifty
  5. Glad to know that it's working for you now. I don't understand why popups need to be enabled.
  6. JavaScript may have been turned off in your web browser by accident. Please check to make sure that JavaScript is enabled in Chrome under the Menu > Settings either Content Settings or Site Settings.
  7. I have been making a few changes to the Nifty Archives to make the site more mobile-friendly. One change improved font scaling on mobile devices. Another change implemented "infinite scrolling" of the index of stories for larger categories (similar to the behavior of the feed on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.). There apparently are some formatting problems that affect MSIE 8, but even Microsoft discontinued support and maintenance for that version early last year. Recent versions of major web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera) all work, including mobile devices. I am not aware of any problems that prevented display of the entire index of stories. JavaScript needs to be enabled. If you scroll to the bottom of the index of stories, it should automatically load the next batch. This reduces the size and time to load the initial list, for readers who want to skim the latest stories, and does not "hide" or relegate the older stories to additional levels of navigation. I am planning some additional design improvements to Nifty. Anyone who is interested to provide constructive feedback is welcome to contact me.
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