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  1. Prologue Starring Christian Lawson Benjamin Ficara Anthony Deieso Garrett Lowry Dylan Gionvego Nicole Smith Cody Watson Jenny Sheppard Alex Stewart SCENE A Benjamin Ficara watched in horror as the ropes were tied around Caleb Lowry. They were going to kill him...burn him alive. “No,” Benjamin said to himself as he watched the crowd around him cheer loudly in anticipation for the spectacle. He had to do something. He could not stand by idle while the boy he had loved in life...and still loved in his current undead state was to be burned. He just had to save Caleb, who was to
  2. After the suicide of his best friend, Christian Lawson moves to Logan with his father and younger brother to start over. He immediately catches the eyes of two Vampire rivals, Benjamin Ficara and Anthony Deiso. Not only is Christian handsome, Christian is identical to a past lover that both Ben and Anthony witnessed burned at the stake 161 years ago. Why does Christian look like their past lover? Now christian finds himself caught in a love triangle and a battle for his heart....and life. As Christian grows closer, secrets begin to unravel slowly and in the end no one is safe. This is B
  3. Prologue Haven ?They Will Pay for the Sins of their fathers...With Their Lives? Starring: Luca Kocina Damien Kocina Max Kocina Kyle Draves Ben Ficara Tyler Bradley Sal Ficara Dean James Analisa Kramer Ryan Gentzler Joey Vitkovsky Kit Hawking Shannon Thomas Prologue Max Kocina laughed at a joke as he sat with a group of high school boys. Max was 13 and he felt honored that they would even want to hang out with him. He had to thank his best friend Sal, who was a year older, for helping him out. ?You want a beer, little dude?? Tyler asked him, as he reached into a cooler and ha
  4. Character Guide Haven ?They Will Pay for the Sins of their fathers...? 1. Luca Kocina Age: 16 Location: New Haven Luca is the lead character of Haven. Luca is from the richer parts of Haven. He comes from a stable family where his mother is a District Attorney and his stepfather is a plastic surgeon. He is gay and after he was forcibly forced out of the closet, he struggles with the idea of telling his parents about his sexuality. He is currently in a secretive relationship with popular Jock, Kyle. Luca has a twin brother that he has not seen or spoken to in 6 years, who lives in Old
  5. They will pay for the sins of their fathers....With Their lives 6 years ago, a group of adults hid a secret from the residence of Haven, Rhode Island. But some secret don't stay private too long. On 11/11/11 at precisely 11:11 a.m., something sinister will awaken....People will began to disappear and the Children...The Children are beginning to develop deadly powers and abilities.... Something evil wants to kill them...that is...if they don't kill themselves first. Human Nature has proven time and time again...Humans don't like things that can't understand. Welcome to Haven.... This is
  6. I am halfway through the first chapter so I may be posting it tonight or tomorrow :)
  7. Hey, Glad to see you guys read it :) Riley himself is a cub scout. He is 10 years old. However, the older scouts he was with are Boy scouts that's why he was teasing them about the phones and calling their girlfriends when they gave him a hard time about the gameboy :) I should have tried to make it clearer but I hope that makes it more clear :)
  8. Check out my personal site dedicated to my stories http://groups.yahoo.com/group/micah_diablo/ A lot of people have been enjoying my story Halo and I am really pleased. I am sorry it took so long to update the story on here. It's been 6 months and I just realized that you guys were only on Halo Book 3 and I am just about to finish up halo book 5, the final book..... If you want to read Halo book 4 it is on Awesome dude already and if you want to read halo Book 5 visit my yahoo group. It's free to join...you don't need a yahoo em ail address. You get to have a lot of fun reading differ
  9. This is the Prologue Berserk By Micah Dawson Prologue Starring: Micah Dawson Riley Edwards Shane Dawson Kyle Draves Austin Regelbuto Ty Bradley Melanie Miller Devon Risko Anthony Deseio Shannon Thomas Richie Kyte Joey Vitkovsky Nick Haines Tori Franklin SCENE A Riley Edwards groaned as he followed his elder scouts and scoutmasters back to the campsite. He knew he was going to be reprimanded for sneaking off away from his cub scout troop. He couldn't take anymore of it. He was tired of reciting oaths and working for merit badges that he knew in his heart he'd never get. Ri
  10. This is a Sci-fi/Horror/Action Story i am writing with some Romance mixed in with it ;) Berserk Book One is simply called Berserk. A blackout sweeps through a small town and people began disappearing. A group of kids are left without any supervision and of course, reckless fun ensues. However, some kids discover strange abilities that they are developing....Things that are not normal....That are not human. Able to feel other's emotions...To move things with their mind....To Walk through walls Something has happened and it has something to do with the blackout. There are no rules...No
  11. This is episode 9 of 9 (Also known as Halo 3.5: Crossroads of the soul) Halo Season 3 Marco Main Cast: Coy James Ky James Matthew Gleisner Anthony Pagan Nick Pagan Carmen Gianni Joshua Jackson Giselle Santos Darek Bouzakis Nate Soto Also introducing: Damien Bouzakis Daniel Rodriguez ****************************************** Scene A: I looked around for the source of the voice. "He?s flat lining," Dr. Whitman yelled out as the doctor?s rush to save me. "But I?I prayed," Matt said as he watched the doctor?s rush to save me. "Come on, Coy," Ky said holding Matt?s hand tig
  12. THis is episode 8 of 9 Author's Note: If you were to read this story on my yahoo group, you will see this served as my original season finale however, I moved the interlude over to this story and this is now episode 8 of 9 Halo Marco Episode 8: Shadow of Death Main Cast: Coy Marco James Ky James Nick Pagan Josh Jackson Matt Gleisner Anthony Pagan Carmen Gianni Giselle Santos Darek Bouzakis Nate Soto ************************************************** Scene A Do you have the fear of dying and not accomplishing all you know you are meant to accomplish? ?Hold on, didn?t we just
  13. This is episode 7 of 9 Halo Marco Episode 7: Marco Vs. Coy Pt. 2 Main Cast: Coy Marco James Ky James Josh Jackson Nick Pagan Matthew Gleisner Anthony Pagan Carmen Gianni Giselle Santos Darek Bouzakis Nate Soto ********************************* Scene A I limped inside my house. I could feel blood trickling down my leg as I walked inside the kitchen trying not to make any noise. "Hey bro," Ky said as he and Nick walked into the kitchen, I forced a smile at them. "Hey?guys." Ky noticed a grimace on face and flashed a concerned look. "Coy? You okay?" "Huh? Oh yeah, I?m fine,"
  14. This is episode 6 of 9 Halo Marco Episode 6: Nobody?s Angel Main Cast: Coy Marco James Ky James Josh Jackson Matthew Gleisner Emily Ashby Anthony Pagan Nick Pagan Carmen Gianni Giselle Santos Darek Bouzakis Nate Soto Scene A ?Dad,? Nick said nervously as John Pagan climbed out of his car. Anthony rushed out of the car and stood behind his father, unsure of what was about to happen. Ky was scared. John was staring at him with a deadly glare in his eyes. He reached into his back pocket. ?Dad no,? Nick yelled out. John pulled out his wallet and handed Nick $200. ?I was coming
  15. This is episode 5 of 9 Halo Marco Episode 5: Devil?s Advocate Main Cast: Coy Marco James Ky James Matt Gleisner Josh Jackson Anthony Pagan Nick Pagan Carmen Gianni Darek Bouzakis Nate Soto ******************************************************************************** ******************** Scene A Carmen sat tapping her pencil loudly on her notebook as Nate and Her sat in the library before homeroom working on homework Nate raised his eyebrows. ?You know I let you talk me into coming in here and doing work instead of making out and now when I try to do work, you want to distr
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