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  1. I also wrote him right after I read it, but had to post it here as well. There were atleast three time I was thrown for a loop, he also had a bunch of great descriptives.
  2. Just finished the first chapter and had to post about how much I loved it. It was not at all what I expected. I highly recommend it to everyone here.
  3. Life has been crazy..lol thanks for fixing the avatar Dude!!
  4. loved this movie, another great British one is "Get Real"
  5. lol I laughed at the samething, atleast three times someone says effing.
  6. I actually thought it added to the story. It showed the struggle they went through and helped to really show the loyalty and love the friends had for each other. The last 6 chapters or so were just intense and fantastic
  7. LOL...this might be the best thread ever In the school bathroom when I was 12 and in the pool with my two straight friends 13-14
  8. Thanks for your replies guys. I'm not really sure if they deserve to be on the website, if think they are up to standards then I have no problem.
  9. This bruised ego of mine Snaped back to where I started yet, thin light shines through It?s all I ever wanted I must find a way To Place my pride upon the shelf I can?t keep turning away Worrying about everyone else To say forgive me Is what I must weep through To say forget it Is what a bigger man would do This boiling angers steaming out From years of being run over I cant expect them to be perfect Marching to orders like a gold soldier I take it all out on them No one is always right That?s just unspeakable understand its not spite To say forgive me Is what I must weep
  10. I have just came out over this past year, it started a year ago October 6th when I came out to my brother. He picked me up from work and we were driving and he was talking about girls, as we drove down my street I told him to keep driving pass our house that I needed to tell him something. I told him I was gay and he took it great just like I thought he would. Then in May I told my Mom. I was scared as anything but knew I needed to. She was shocked, which shocked me. But she was fine with it. I still couldn't and didn't want to tell me Dad. I had no idea how he would take it, but thought it
  11. Thanks a lot!! Nope didn't disappear just met a great guy and well you now how that goes
  12. BLIND Why can't you see what you've done? Turn on the moon that spun your lies. Heading for pastures in the gleaming sun, laughing as he falls from the sky. Forgetting all the times he lit the way, how in your darkness he stood by your side. Why can't you understand what you've become? A solar flare burning out of time. But what is left when you've had your fun, when you betray those who Worshipped your sign Those who refused to let you get lost. Those who now feel dull beneath your great shine. It's a shame that someone so bright could be so blind. But if you stay with the sun
  13. Thirdeye


    I?d like to lay awake a watch the noon I?d like to pretend I?ll be asleep very soon I?d like to circle my head within this swoon I?d like to in vision the masks locked inside these rooms I?d like to freeze time and hum your tune I?d like to smell the bleached roses on the moon I?d like to martyr myself inside the womb I?d like to ride a wave of amber black fume I'd like to be the Coyote in your cartoon I?d like to know when our time is doomed I?d like to be the love bug who knows to spoon I?d like to be the dust blowing towards the dune I?d like to be the frosty bite you feel in Ju
  14. Thirdeye


    You saw my shadow losing light And reflected it in kind You changed my color and brightness Reminded me I could smile Never have I had this shine Never have I had it all Everything I saw in my mind You make me better with each second A better human to stand before your alter I swear I?ll always bow here I swear I?ll always be near I don?t understand it at times But I don?t doubt this You make me feel to delighted with each breath I wish I knew what was here I wish I knew it all by now I want to see it though your thoughts don?t ever think I don?t understand how lucky I am To
  15. condolences TG. :HUGS:
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