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Found 6 results

  1. How long does it take to achieve orgasm? This was discussed at Joe My God, and I thought I should share my answer with you here in my blog. Under 25: From slack to spit in 60 seconds. After 40: Use it or lose it. Make sure you have at least 3 orgasms a week. (with or without a partner.) If you do this then you should be able to have an orgasm once or twice a week after 60. Chinese herbs can assist the elderly and are safer than Viagra in my opinion. (You don't need them when you are younger.) However at any age, 17 -30 minutes for the entire act (including foreplay) was considered the norm around 1970. Of course that doesn't include emergency sex in tea rooms, cottages, or a quick flip in the park, where the act was finished much faster than the investigation of making sure the other person actually wanted to attempt a world record for having a climax. Much of the myth of the male orgasm being only possible once or twice a day is related to puritan attitudes and the imposition of guilt about pleasure. Why religions are obsessed with restricting sex is an obscenity in itself and is a crime against individual freedom. After orgasm number one, anal penetration can provide the stimulation for orgasm number 2, in less than a minute or two. Of course it is more fun to wait and engage in more fore-play, or if you want to be more accurate, "in-between-play." The important thing is to listen to your body if it wants to rest then wait, but don't fall for the restrictions placed on us that once, is all that is possible. There is nothing "sinful" about having an orgasm or three, (or more.) Even so, you don't need to do it just because you can, unless you want to. Sometimes saving it is pleasurable too. Of course people differ, both in capacity as well as volume, but the greatest aphrodisiac is "wanting it." As for time, well, timing a simultaneous orgasm is more exciting and fulfilling than measuring the time it all takes with a stop-watch. A straight friend who bemoaned the fact the he and his wife never wanted sex at the same time, once had a moment of enlightenment when he commented, "Oh wow, I get it, two men do it when they both want it, and that is all the time." How long it takes varies from day to day, partner to partner, place to place and of course the urgency of the moment...and then there is the romance of it all to consider, which can use time to achieve new levels of extended, heightened experience, but that is called being in love and knows no boundaries but being with the one you love, and that is when time no longer exists as we play among the stars with each other.
  2. I thought I would quote some of my replies I post to newspaper sites and blogs, and stuff. Hopefully they will make sense without referencing the article, which I won't do because I do not mean this to be a reference report, just a place to list my comments that perhaps might have a general relevance to other communities or situations. A kind of pin the quote -tail, on the (blindfolded) asinine news of the day, and let it fall where it may in the readers' realm. .
  3. As many of you who follow my posts...there are some of you who do follow my posts? Anyway as you might know, I am very interested in creativity and the boundaries that copyright imposes on artists. I have posted some of these links before but I wanted to bring them together as resource, because I think it is extremely relevant and important. These links centre around the work of Professor Lawrence Lessig and his books on freedom of expression in creativity. See his books at this site. Addition thoughts from a book reading by Professor Lawrence Lessig who tackles the copyright problem with original insight, can be found here. Also see this link for further profound and interesting discussion on creative ideas. I think this is very very important.
  4. Pecman posed a (perhaps rhetorical) question in the News and Views Forum on the loss of two young people through suicide. I have no argument with Pecman's post, but I did not want to make the following statement in the News and Views Forum because it might be taken that I was chastising Pecman, which I certainly am not. What I do have to say is somewhat a personal statement, but one I would like to share with you from the relative safety of posting it as an opinion in my blog. Of course you may wish to respond, and consider yourself invited to do so. Personal flames will be deleted. Be warned this is not going to be everyone's opinion. Pecman's original post is here, and well worth reading. My heart goes out to him for his concern. Quote Pecman: It is so easy to say, "yes it is," but it is not just the bullying of the young that invites such a response. At any moment of our existence, we are in a state of confusion, torn between serving our desire to live loving lives, and fulfilling the social roles imposed on us by our various cultures. Enlightenment can be defined as overcoming one's culture, but that in itself is probably a lifetime occupation. Blinded by the pressures to conform, we so often do not see that those demands are challenged by our natural desire for peace and love. We allow ourselves to be swayed by all kinds of doctrine to believe that aggression and avarice are the natural states of human existence. Those young people, who are exposed to such doctrine, often see no alternative other than to side-step adopting it as their own, by opting out. They are not yet able to accept that life is a battle, a quest to affirm goodness; they do not yet have the capacity to withstand the onslaught of those who have been persuaded to preach that love and goodness are illusions and that life is about cruelly taking whatever you want for yourself at the expense of others. They are overcome by the feeling that they cannot and will not participate in the hopelessness, in the horror they perceive around them. This is particularly so in the young people (11 years old in the article.) These sensitive souls are the very ones we cannot afford to lose. They are but a few moments of living away from being able to say. "I love life; I will do all that I can to live fully and completely without harming others. I will do all that I can to fulfil my humanity, I say yes to life!" But they are deterred from developing this inner-strength of human love, of recognising the power of the goodness of life in themselves, because they have been subjected to, attacked and bullied by, those who have submitted to the doctrines of hate, negativity, guilt and fear. These young people are denied their natural inclination to access the discovery of truth and beauty, all in the name of subservience to their culture's rules and beliefs in some kind of external salvation. Love is within, it resides within us. It is not given to us, it is what we are, unless it is taken from us; and too often love is forcibly removed from us, by denouncing it as wicked and that it somehow makes us unworthy, immoral and all sorts of other imperfections. We are made to feel guilty for being creatures of love, when in fact we should be rejoicing the goodness of our love and its expression. Too often do those, who have submitted to being negative about life, try to force their negativity on others. Too often, love is discriminated against by the forces of fear and guilt. And too often is love strangled in the hands of the bully, just so he feels justified in his denial of accepting his capacity to love. He does not understand it is his own love that he kills. But a young person just coming to terms with puberty, mystified by developing emotions, discovering the potential for his own capacity to love, will come to think that in the face of all the hypocrisy which abounds in his culture, of all the tragedy which seems to surround life, in the face of his time and time again being denied his own human existence, that it is just easier to escape from a world in which he feels alienated, which is just too much to bear on his own. Sometimes he will find someone his own age to assist their common survival, sometimes lovingly, sometimes not. I have at times been asked what a young person gets from a relationship with an older person, because as far as can be seen it seems that only the older person gets something from such a relationship. That may seem true, but only if we consider it in terms of sexual gratification. Certainly there is that horrifying molestation of the young that must rightfully be condemned, but it should not be confused with the transmission of the lust for life that an older person can give a younger. Such a relationship can give the younger a model of hope, of what love really is, as opposed to just sexual urges. The love of an older for a younger person recognises the glamour of life (as Oscar Wilde called it) in the younger person, it encourages the celebration of life and it shows love as being the reason for sexual expression, rather than the way far too many people think of it today, as sex being the motivation for love. And no this last statement is not an attempt to justify paedophilia. Sexual relationships before puberty is completed, is definitely not part of this argument. Paedophilia is the negative, the abusive aspect of sexual expression between an older and a younger person. However, just as destructive is the doctrine of hate which teaches the young and often the very young, to live in fear, with guilt and to deny love by denying the inherent goodness in humanity. A loving relationship between an older and a younger person can reverse this hate, this denial of life and replace it with loving goodness and therefore lead the young person to exclaim, yes to life. To quote Oscar Wilde from the dock during his first criminal trial: [?]It is beautiful, it is fine, it is the noblest form of affection. There is nothing unnatural about it. It is intellectual, and it repeatedly exists between an elder and a younger man, when the elder man has intellect, and the younger man has all the joy, hope and glamour of life before him. That it should be so the world does not understand. The world mocks it and sometimes puts one in the pillory for it. It is important to understand that many people have imposed a non-sexual interpretation on this speech that any student of Greek Love would patently deny. Wilde was quite clearly defending his love of youth as being worthy, both in the intellectual and physical senses. Of course, the parallel argument for heterosexual love between a younger person and an older person of opposite sex also holds true, but in practice this has been an instruction in heterosexual sex rather than the noble-minded values described by Wilde. Still I have no doubt the argument is valid regardless of gender. (I also have no doubt that humanity is sexually omnifarious, eventually succumbing to availability and habit, even if influenced by genetic propensity or cultural expectations, which of course cause further problems.) Rites of passage through loving relationships of differently aged lovers, is part of the human experience, and I would maintain a necessary one if the young are not to find life as hopeless as it sometimes seems. In historic cultures, both civilised and primitive, and in classical literature such relationships were understood and revered. Then came the puritan dark ages which still influence us today and we wonder why we feel hopeless.
  5. I don't get the local newspaper anymore, I stopped its delivery 14 years ago, (1995). The milkman used to deliver the milk, from his horse-drawn milk-van, but he stopped ages ago. The horse would move down the street and stop at the customer's houses without any direction from the milkman. The bread used to be delivered daily when I was a kid, and a big truck used to stop outside our house on Thursdays, selling fruit and vegetables. I can even remember the ice man delivering blocks of ice for the ice-chest before we bought our first fridge. Grandma had a washboard which she used to scrub the dirty clothes, and a big copper pot with a built in wood-fired furnace to boil water. She would boil the sheets and towels in it. She also used it to scald the chickens after she had decapitated them with an axe. The scalding made the feathers easier to pluck. She also had the luxury of a hand operated wringer consisting of two rubber rollers through which you passed the washed clothes to squeeze out some of the water. The wood stove in the kitchen wasn't made from wood, but from heavy cast metal with hotplates just above the cavity where you burned the wood for heating the pans on the hotplates. Carpets had to be taken outside the house and hit with a handheld beater to beat the dust out of them. You would have to shower off the dust on yourself afterwards. Doctors made house-calls, but you had to walk to the chemist shop to get the prescription filled, if you lived long enough to get there. There was no telephone in our house, but there was a public phone-booth down the street and calls cost 2 pennies. Taxis were quite expensive and cost about 40 cents for the first mile. Hospitals smelt of ether and disinfectant, either of which encouraged people to throw up, and you would be lucky to come out still breathing, which was something patients did almost under protest. There was no hand basin in our bathroom at home. You had to lean over the bathtub and use the bath tap to wash your hands and clean your teeth. The old gas heater to warm the water for a shower or bath, exploded into life with a flame that was half the height of a man. More than once I heard reports of someone being blown up while taking a shower. Luckily we had a mirror (tarnished) in a splintered wooden frame, to allow us to see that we had combed our hair with enough oil or grease to lube the car that nobody on our street could afford. In winter we warmed ourselves with an open fire in the built-in fire place in the living room and rubber hot water bottles in our beds. In summer we sweated in front of an electric fan. The rich folk on the other side of town perspired in front of bigger fans. The toilet was out the back of the house and had no light except the candle you took with you. You pulled a chain hanging from the water cistern above your head to flush the toilet. Spiders built there cobwebs in every corner of the toilet. Sometimes it was like going into an Indiana Jone's Tomb of Terror just to have a pee. We had the luxury of electric lights -one per room, which we had to remember to turn on and off, when we entered or left the room to save money. I walked a mile to school every week day, and on Saturdays, I walked a mile in the other direction to go to the special kids matinee screening of a movie at the local 'picture theatre'. We usually got a B grade movie, cartoons, a serial, and a main movie after an intermission when we bought lots of candy and ice cream, no popcorn in those days. There were prizes for competitions and boys and girls who were in the birthday club. The movies cost the equivalent of 15 cents. (One shilling and threepence.) The candy was about 1o cents a box. You could buy your lunch at school from the canteen which was run by the ladies' auxiliary. 30 cents would see you with a cholesterol packed lunch of meat pie, pasty, a cream bun and a drink. Sauce (ketchup) was a penny extra for the pie or pasty. A cordial drink was sixpence (5 cents). The radio was the main source of entertainment in the home and at night after the evening meal of meat and three vegetables, the family would sit around listening to radio plays, quiz shows and serialised stories. It was much like free to air television without the pictures and a whole lot less hype. I still think the radio plays served to inspire images that today's movies provide without much effort on our part other than to convince ourselves that the digital effects are real. After school, the neighbourhood kids would play ball games in the street, only stopping for the occasional car or horse riders to go past, and that was a main road. Saturday nights my family would take the bus or tram to go out dancing to any of the various hotels or clubs. No gambling, no striptease, just good big band music for dancing waltzes and foxtrots, etc., with alcoholic beverages. We kids would play hide and seek behind the club. (Not that kind of hide and seek, you dirty minded people. We were not yet even 11 years old.) Speaking of dirty minded people, policemen would arrest men they discovered, (often by entrapment) in public toilets and parks, for 'acts of gross indecency' and the penalty for the guilty could be jail for up to 2 years with hard labour. These cases were listed in the "Cause List" in the local newspaper and were eagerly, even if with dread, read by gay men to see if any of their friends had been arrested. Then came rock n' roll, and by 1960 everything changed, forever...but that is another era, to be followed by yet others.
  6. Announcing: New category in my blog: Deeper thoughts of an Orangutan. I am thinking I might like to write some thoughts, essays or viewpoints on various subjects that are perhaps a little abstract, maybe nonsensical or even politically incorrect. I might even write an address to the people of Earth, once I am certain the mother-ship is on the way to pick me and take me home. Anyway I have created a category in my blog for subjects that are somewhat more outsopken. If I can ever get time, I may even video them and put them on youtube. I also want to see how the Categories system works in the blogs. So we may never get more than this post if I cannot find it again. In the mean time think on this: If I have a thought today, that affects what I will think tomorrow, why didn't yesterday's thought, about today, have any affect at all?
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