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Found 1 result

  1. Hey boys and girls. Remember me... the fat penguin? I have a terrific idea. Now, I'm gonna stay focused so I don't forget it and so I hope a squirrel doesn't wander by. You guys remember PenguinHuggle don't you? That's the sweet little story site and forum hosted by Mikie and Dr. Lib. Well, Mikie is away in college now and the site is rarely visited. But Dr. Lib continues to maintain the site for Mikie. This has been the sister site for Codey's World and hosts the memorial site for Codey. And this site has something that is lacking in both Codey's World and AwesomeDude; it has an awesome chatroom that is rarely visited anymore. Let's put it to use! I know I'd like to talk to all of Cody's friends and all the AwesomeDude members too. I invite everyone to use this topic to suggest a day and time of the week for us to all log in and yak away. Eventually, with enough participation we can make it a continuous thing as it was in the past. So... make yourself heard. I'll log in during the late evenings for the next couple of weeks or so to hopefully catch some of you. Here is the url... http://www.penguinhuggle.com/chat/index.html I'm so excited I'm waging my tail. Wait... that isn't a tail.
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