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Found 9 results

  1. For some reason, the pick made by Mike for this month's story page: My Name Is Eli, has brought me a good deal of mail. In the story I wrote about this minor character playing a piano piece in the church hall written by Ludovico Einaudi. Many of the readers picked up on this and gushed their thanks for bridging a contact to the music of this wonderful composer and pianist. Silly me, I though everyone knew of his music. Einaudi has hours of music posted on YouTube and yet he is still one of Europe's highest selling musicians. Nuvole Bianche was the first piece of his music I heard over a decade ago, and it is still one of my favorites. Enjoy.
  2. The Rolling Stones new single 'Doom and Gloom' is out. What's to say except FUCK YEAH!
  3. We don't have a separate music/audio forum or sub-forum, so I'm putting this here. I have been catching up with AwesomeDude Radio lately. It gets competition from my other listening, but I have missed ADR lately, so I've been listening. There's nearly always something I haven't heard in a long time, or something I've never heard, and...it's really cool. Tonight, I heard something. At first, I thought the singer might be Ben Harper. Or John Legend. Or K'Jon. This white boy listens to many things, and my tastes have broadened and deepened as time goes by. But no, when I looked, the song was "Summer Rain," by Carl Thomas. I'm sure I know who he is and what else he's known for, or other groups. But I'm not always good with names. I know that one should ring a bell, though. The song is great and I don't think I've heard it before. There was also the Peter Gunn theme earlier. Man, I haven't heard that in a while. Tonight, I've heard a couple of songs in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and something else I didn't recognize (Polish or Czech, maybe?). I really like that. -- Other languages are also quite welcome, whether I speak them or not. Hah, I'll also say, there are a few songs from the REO Speedwagon HITS album that I remember (bittersweet) from a couple of summers with one of my best friends and major crushes. And no, I didn't get the chance to find out if he had the same feelings for me I had been having for him. Whether I'll try to put that into a story or not, I don't know. But the feelings around that as well as those songs (also some by the Eagles and other groups from then ('78 to '80 and songs/groups popular before then) bring back memories. I grew up in the '70's and '80's, so songs from the '60's through the '80's, and things my parents listened to, are all back in the ol' memory banks. -- I like plenty of things from the '90's and forward, too. Heck, I'll listen to nearly anything at least once. Dude knows I also like bluegrass, and yes, I sometimes like country and western. I tend to go mostly for rock. You'll find Sigur Ros in my playlist too. Like I said, I'll listen to nearly anything at least once.
  4. Camy

    Time crawls

    We released our album nearly a year ago. Eleven months ago I sent a track off to BBC radio. Last week I got a reply. It looks like they're going to play it, and if they do they'll let me know.... I won't be holding my breath. ;) You live and learn. In this world of instant communication we seem to expect an instant response. Fat chance: it's really like dancing through amber.
  5. Finally, yesterday, we finished shooting a video for 'Spring of Teal'. I love Apple computers and their software. Final Cut rocks! All I have to do is log and capture the DVs, Sync them and snippety-snip. Easy-peasy! I'll see you next millenia, then.
  6. "I done gone and made a video!" the fool said proudly. "Good, good," said the cat, flexing her claws and going back to sleep. And it nearly was good. The thing is that making a video on your own is bleedin' hard. No nifty camera moves, no slow zoom in whilst tracking out. All of the cutesy things you can have fun with with mates are impossible. And then there was the hat's damn label. I was wearing a hat, and without anyone to point out that its label was showing, the label had a staring role ... or should that be starring. It's certainly there and very eye drawing. In fact it's all I can see. Turning the thing to sepia didn't help and then posterizing it was waaaay overboard. Oh well. So today I have to do the whole thing again. Bah. Cats are useless things. Love them I do, but they just won't help.
  7. Sunday 11th April. The Awesome Dude Weekend Show No 25 I was as nervous as a very nervous thing, Mick was Mick, and The Dude put us both at our ease. It was the first interview we've done and though I'm only too aware I should have been more ... umm, something, and probably less something else. Anyway, all in all we're ecstatic! If you want to know what on earth I'm waffling on about then go to Awesome Dude Radio and listen to the 25th weekend show. Go on, you know you want to! Cheers!
  8. Camy


    Recently I've been somewhat miffed. The reason being: we lost a hard drive with a months work on it. It was a brand new hard drive and was immediately replaced, but that doesn't replace the music. Still, on the bright side we've decided it was 'the mysterious finger of God' that fucked us up, and the work we do now will, obviously, be much, much better. We've decided this because otherwise I'd have to kill myself for being a total arse, and frankly, I feint at the sight of blood - especially my own. So, folks, backup! Do it, don't think about it, just do it. You know it makes sense. Camy the miffed.
  9. Camy

    Ordinary Man

    Earlier today I was slugging coffee, writing, and occasionally - when I got stuck - picking up the guitar and noodling. Noodling helps me think. Anyway, I ended up penning a ditty. Then - as I don't write music - I made a rough recording. Here are the lyrics: Ordinary Man i am an ordinary man i ain't subtle there's no plan when I saw you at first my heart flipped went berserk i think i love you - i think i love you you're a man wasn't the plan 'cause i am straight let others hate 'cause i am me and you are you and does it matter who is who i think i love you - i think i love you i never thought i was strange my genes don't need re-arranging when we touched in the street my body and soul felt complete i think i love you - i think i love you yet you're a man it wasn't the plan 'cause i am straight let others hate 'cause i am me and you are you and does it matter who is who i love you - i love you --- And here - if anyone's interested - is the rough recording.
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