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Found 12 results

  1. Sometimes when I see a new Sanitaria Springs story go up over on Dabeagle’s site I get anxious and feel as though I will need to quick skim all of the previous 104 (!!) stories in the series in order to make sense out of the characters and the events portrayed in the new one. It’s a challenge to keep up, even though I know I’m going to love the new story just as I do the rest of them. Well, I’m more than happy to report that a new Sanitaria tale has been posted, and you won’t need to reread any of the rest in order to appreciate it. It explains itself internally and can stand alone as a great piece of storytelling. “All Mine” is by Dabeagle himself, and this tale will warm your heart even if you’ve never visited the Springs before now. http://www.dabeagle.net/stories/dabeagle/sanitaria_springs/allmine.html
  2. Guest

    Hidden Talents

    Yes, I'm biased. I will be the first to admit that Kale grew on me slowly and now there is a special place in my heart for him. I enjoyed seeing into his secret heart, seeing him in a moment where he reaches for someone in both the physical and emotional sense. They are a beautiful couple.
  3. Guest

    Jamie's Buddy

    Jamie grows up and turns into a real character. Sets the stage with a great new character, too. So much to build on...
  4. Guest

    Pool Boy

    I belly laughed several times. If anyone is good at spotting potential fun, it's Alec.
  5. Even Safeway is getting into the act -- saw this in the produce department. Don't let Chase see it. R
  6. Guest

    Teammates by Cynus

    You can't help but love's Sam(uel)'s duo here. While I'm still a big Logan fan, Seth is making some pretty good arguments for himself, here.
  7. Ready for a really fun read that will leave you smiling? Try Another Day in Parodyse by Cynus. Every day in high school should be like this one.
  8. Below is the text I have as of this writing in the Sanitaria Wiki. As noted previously, it will take some time to have it reviewed and posted. I ask that you - author and reader - take a look and let me know if there is something I missed or suggestions for something to add. I thought a listing of couples might be handy, separate from the characters introduced. If you see something or wish to have me add something, please copy the text in question, paste it with your changes highlighted in this thread. Feel free to inbox me with questions or conversation. Contents 1 Sanitaria Springs Associated Stories 2 History 3 Development 4 Rules 5 Characters and Stories5.1 Sanitaria Springs 5.2 Walt's 5.3 Rainbow's End 5.4 The Art of Understanding 5.5 Ripple Effect 5.6 Don't Ask Alec! 5.7 Along Came A Spider 5.8 Meet the Parents 5.9 Broken Hearted 5.10 The Preacher's Kid 5.11 Strays 5.12 Alec's Best Friend 5.13 The Hunting Accident 6 Stories in Chronological Order Sanitaria Springs Associated StoriesThis page is meant to serve as a reference for the Sanitaria Springs Associated Short Stories. All the stories can be found at the Awesomedude website. HistoryThe original short story Sanitaria Springs was written by Dabeagle and introduced the characters of Sasha Buchanan and Alec Kutsenko. The story centers around physical abuse in the locker room with respect to the attempt to exercise power with a veneer of homophobia. Underlying the overall story is the romance of Sasha and Alec, both Sophomores in high school. Alec is defined by his quick wit and makes use of it as he matures through the story. The town of Sanitaria Springs exists, however the plot and characters are entirely fictional as are the vast majority of the structures. DevelopmentSeveral authors have contributed to the development of the town of Sanitaria Springs. After the original was posted the offer was made to others to come build their own characters and interact with the originals, and many have answered that call. The town is still open to new residents and offers many springboards in existing stories for the development of new characters and places. Public structures that have been noted: Columbia High and Middle School. Walt's Barber Shop. Cafe Perk Me Up. Gas Station, unnamed. Sanitarium ruins. RulesThe rules are that of a gentleman's code. Make no major changes to existing plot lines or contradict same. For instance, do not break up an existing couple simply to advance your own story. If you wish to use another authors character in a substantive way, contact them to ensure they aren't writing something contradictory to the story you are developing, as a for instance. Dabeagle can be contacted for help in this regard. Characters and StoriesThis is a listing of characters introduced in each story and their relation to other characters. Sanitaria SpringsThe major characters introduced are Alec Kutsenko and Sasha Buchanan, who are a couple, both teens. Sasha is Romanian, adopted as a child. Bobby Buchanan is introduced as recurring character, brother to Sasha, adopted, teen. Billy Carlisle introduced as recurring character, teen. Tony, Valeria and Selma introduced as minor characters, teens; last names not included. Alec's father is named Douglas, mother unnamed. Walt'sWritten by Cole Parker Introduced Walt, owner of Walt's Barbershop, adult. Introduced William 'Billy' Vernon, grandfather to Billy Carlisle (teen), adult. Introduced Tommy Parks, defensive backfield coach, Columbia High School, adult. Rainbow's EndWritten by Lugnutz Establishes Alec's car as a rusted out Nissan Sentra. Introduces Daniel(Dan)Boone Brownstone, adult. Dan is 5'8, brown hair and near 200lbs. Theodore (Ted) Kutsenko is 5'10, about 170lbs, uncle to Alec. Mike, convenience store manager, minor character. The Art of UnderstandingWritten by Chris James Press & Sun Bulletin established as local newspaper, not free. Introduces Ernie Martin, teen, senior in high school, tennis player, short brown hair and green eyes. Introduces Art, adult, runs finance at Greater Binghamton Health. Roger, former housemate referenced, never seen, has a taste for teens, adult. Neil, minor character, professor - Art is former pupil. Introduced Charlie, minor character, never seen, in community college, plays golf. Ripple EffectWritten by James Merkin Introduced Edgar and Jeremy, father and son, adults. Uncle Andrew, brother to Edgar's unnamed wife, adult, partner to Charles. Don't Ask Alec!Written by Dabeagle Introduces Salvatore (Sal) Zappala, called Zap, 8th grade. Travis Armstrong, couple with Zap, 8th grade, bi-sexual. Along Came A SpiderNovella in 4 chapters, written by Colin Kelly Introduces main characters Daniel (Dan) Covington, teen, has allergy, carries epi-pen. Mark Lanstrom, teen, father head of Binghamton Medical. Dan and Mark are a couple, 9th grade. Kaitlin Covington, sister to Dan. Paul Covington, father to Dan. Maria Langstrom, mother to Mark.Minor character Mrs. Barker, Biology teacher. Minor characters Kenny Lamper, Jeff Walland, Barry Metzger, Diane Lane teens. Ms. Lynch, Columbia HS Athletic Director. Lynda Farrell, student body president. Oscar, spider in Bio Lab. Principal Benson. Meet the ParentsWritten by Dabeagle Alec and Sasha sophomores. Introduced Sasha Buchanan's fathers, unnamed. Introduced Minor characters Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan, grandparents; Mr. & Mrs. Herb Wilson. April, minor character, girlfriend of Robert (Bobby) Buchanan, late teens. Broken HeartedWritten by Ryan Bartlett Introduced Kale Kirkwood, teen, Brothers Robin and Jamie, father Judge Andrew Kirkwood. Kirkwood males identified with black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Introduced Chase Dudley, teen, boyfriend of Kale. Chase is blond, bright smile. The Preacher's KidWritten by Ryan Bartlett Introduces Charlie Cooper, boyfriend to Robin Kirkwood. Introduced minor characters Marcia and Pastor Alan Miller, daughter Molly (4), foster parents to Charlie Cooper. Mr. Cooper, Charlie's bio dad. StraysWritten by Cynus Introduced Damon Bryant, graduated high school, nineteen, bleached white hair tipped in red. Finn Turner, cousin to Damon, in Binghamton, fifteen, pink Mohawk. Billy Carlisle, not in school. Kyle Lamb, owner 'Cafe Perk Me Up', wife Sonya. Jerome, from reform school, inmate. Seth Mcallister, thirteen, attacked by Billy when he was twelve. Randall Maximus (Max) Derringer, blond, fifteen, boyfriend of Finn. Alec's Best FriendIntroduced Lucien Rousseau, brown/blond hair, fair skin, red framed glasses. Minor characters Mr. David Kissick, principal, Mr. The Hunting AccidentWritten by Ryan Bartlett No new characters. Comprised of Sasha, Alec, Kale and Chase. Stories in Chronological OrderSanitaria Springs (Alec and Sasha Sophomores) Walt's Rainbow's End The Art of Understanding Ripple Effect Meet the Parents (Alec and Sasha Sophomores) Don't Ask Alec! (Alec and Sasha Juniors) Broken Hearted (Alec and Sasha Seniors) The Preacher's Kid Strays Alec's Best Friend The Hunting Accident
  9. Second attempt, I don't know what happened to the first. With respect to the wonderful resurgence Sanitaria Springs there have been a few people asking how they can join in. Below is a copy/paste of a response I made earlier - but I wanted to throw out there that I know of at least six actively in progress Sanitaria Springs stories. If you are thinking of writing, please shoot me a note so I can try to let you know if someone is currently writing with the characters you'd like to expand on. It will save timeline headaches and contradictions. For the time being, I'll volunteer to be something of a custodian for the collected stories. The 'rules' are pretty simple and mostly of a type of gentleman's code. What you have with the existing stories is a framework. Please do not change the existing characters in radical ways (breaking up relationships 'cause you like one) or that sort of thing. I encourage anyone who wants to participate to read all the existing work to see if one of them provides a springboard for yourself or simply so that you don't contradict what is already there. Although I don't remember everything - which Ryan takes glee in pointing out (honest, he does) I'm also available as a resource for anyone that would like me to look first. But to be clear, that isn't a requirement. These stories are all hosted here at AD and I don't have any say in their development and where they go, so fear not in terms of that.
  10. Okay, so, I have to confess that I bugged Ryan into writing this story. When I read Broken Hearted I did something I am prone to do, which is fall in love with a side character - in this case, Robin. Fortunately Ryan wasn't that hard to convince (Blackmail photos make negotiations like that SO much easier) and this is the result. Again, I got a look at this early on and I hope you love Robin as much as I did. Probably not, I'm weird like that. I lay claim to Robin as I do to Camy's Martin character. Read and enjoy and make sure you tell the author so as well.
  11. I was just speaking to someone recently about the subject covered in this story. I applaud Cynus for taking up the difficult task! I can't say more without spoiling it.
  12. Coming (reasonably) soon. An addition to Dabeagle's Sanitaria Springs. “He’s like an excited puppy,” Alan said as they arrived at Gatwick Airport's international departure terminal. Algy was ahead of them pushing a trolley with all their luggage, and kept running and lifting his feet, letting the trolley have its head. Tricky winced as Algy nearly ran into a family that was standing to one side looking lost. “He’ll get into trouble if he’s not careful,” Tricky said. “Mmm, do you want to reign him in, then?” Alan asked. “Me? Are you kidding! I want to join in.” Tricky said and laughed. “Algy!” He called out. Algy and several sets of other people turned to look at him. “Heel!” “Aww,” Algy grinned as he pushed the trolley over to them. “I was enjoying that. I used to do it at the supermarket, much to Mum and Dad’s annoyance. “I don’t want to come across as mister maturity,” Alan said, “but Gatwick security aren’t known for their casual attitude. That policeman over there, see? the one with the sub machine gun. Well he’s not looking happy.” “Should I wave at him?” Algy said, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “Probably best not,” Alan said, “though you can never tell. It might make his day.” “Or his year,” Tricky muttered under his breath. Passport control went without a hitch and they spent a pleasant hour wandering around the duty free. Tricky thought Alan, who traipsed around behind Algy and kept putting things back that he’d put in their basket, was playing the father figure rather too well. Then it occurred to him that in that scenario the only part left was mother. In a mild huff he went to the bar and ordered a beer. Alan and Algy joined him a little while later and he had to stop himself laughing when the barman demanded to see Algy’s passport. “I look eighteen, don’t I?” Algy said plaintively, sipping his scotch on the rocks and wrinkling his nose up at the taste. “Blimey, this is beastly.” “Why order it, then?” Tricky said, taking the proffered glass and adding the contents to his own. “Well, after that ‘prove your age’ shit I had to order something serious, didn’t I?” “I suppose.” Tricky said. “Though Alan’s drinking beer. Why not order one of those? You like beer.” “I do. But Alan wasn’t asked his age, was he?” Tricky squinted at Algy. “One day, if you don’t mind, you’ll have to explain that logic.” “Okay, Tricky sahib. Will do.” They got a last minute upgrade from the Delta agent at the gate and flew business class to New York’s JFK. Alan had had words with Algy on the plane regarding customs procedure and how errant witty remarks could end up with sleeping in a cell. Consequently, Algy was, Tricky was grateful to see, a perfect example of a polite young Englishman abroad. Rather it was Tricky who was subjected to a stern series of questions over his facial piercings and hair colour. Alan, of course, sailed through. Feeling a little jet lagged they waited an hour for the connecting flight to Binghampton municipal airport. It was a much smaller jet and was cramped compared to the one they’d just flown on. Tricky bagged the window seat, then gave it up as Alan pointed to Algy’s trembling lower lip. “Anything for the children,” Tricky muttered as he took the seat across the aisle from Alan. He thought he’d lucked out by having an empty seat beside him until an enormous sweating man in a florid shirt sporting a straw cowboy hat puffed up just as the stewardess closed the door. Without a word he squeezed by into the window seat and, just to make Tricky’s day, farted. Tricky was about to speak his mind when he caught Alan grinning at him. “What?” Tricky mouthed. “Just don’t, alright love. We’re nearly there.” Alan reached across and Tricky grabbed his hand and drank in his lovers face for a moments comfort. He heard the intake of breath from the man beside him. “Huh, didn’t know they allowed queers on Delta,” the big man said. “Really?” Tricky turned and gave him the evil eye. “I thought it was bigots they’d banned.” The stewardess laughed. She’d been walking the aisle checking the overhead compartments were closed and had heard the exchange. “Sadly sir, bigots still have the first amendment to fall back on.” “Yes, well, we’re not without them in England.” Tricky said. “Oh, you’re English! I just love your accent. Where are you from? London? I’ve got a friend there. Maybe you know her? Marcy Redman, she lives in Camden Town.” “Umm, no, sorry. But my friend over there might.” Tricky pointed to Alan who glared back at him as the beaming stewardess turned and began her question again. Tricky closed his eyes and tried his best to doze off.
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