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Found 8 results

  1. Dabeagle's 'House of Frost' has just concluded with chapter 14. 'House of Frost' is in the same fantasy vein as 'Wayward Son' and has a 4.5 out of 5 beak rating. As you can probably tell, this emu loved it! Have at it here: House of Frost
  2. So, my name’s out there on the Authors list, yet no one’s seen anything new from me for years. That’s what happens when one decides to try and publish actual books on Amazon. But that task is complete, so now it’s time to contribute a bit of this and that here on AD. So, what’s next for Addym….. The story is a short one with the title of Tested At Test. It’s a story that has nothing to do with sexual identity. But it is a story of a young man with obstacles to overcome. This story is set in a fantasy realm, though there is no magic in this particular story. I’ll say no more about the contents, it’s short enough that all will become clear in short order for the reader. Mike has the story and enjoyed it, so he’s now formatting it to appear in the near future. Now that I’ve submitted this, I’ll go back and see if my twisted little mind can’t produce something new for the masses.
  3. In a future where it never ceases to rain, Joel finds himself alone on the streets after curfew. How he got there is not clear, his memory is fragmented. Is it being rescued to find yourself in a sex club? Past, present and future are interwoven, somehow there must be an answer? Perhaps, he is the answer? And what about the other boys? What about the planet? Is there a future? This new story starts publishing here today, kicking off with two chapters. Enjoy the atmosphere, take a trip into the future!
  4. Joe

    No Title Yet

    The huge grey owl was perched easily on the patio table and regarded the teenager with great yellow eyes. Hi. I'm Cameron. I'm a familiar. The teen stared as he heard this greeting without ears, in his mind. Do you even know what a familiar is? If you know anything about witchcraft and familiars, you might have thought of Pyewacket from Bell, Book, and Candle, or maybe Wizard Justyn's tatterdemalion black cat from Owlflight.... And of course, familiars can move in a variety of ways that aren't strictly commonplace....Prince Rupert's dog Boye, was a ferocious familiar; they were scared of him because he fought so bravely alongside Prince Rupert in many battles. They tried to shoot him with a silver bullet, but their aim was off. No surprise there, nothing but a great lot of ill bred revolutionaries and stumble bum republicans they were.... I think you understand that something eldritch is taking place here; and I also think that you're beginning to relax just a little, so I'm going to let you have more freedom of movement; but believe me when I tell you that you have to listen to what I'm about to tell you, and as I suspect you now know, you will listen. Why don't you go into the kitchen and get us some cold drinks. I'd like a root beer in a nice bowl, if you please.... [This story is just beginning, I've two chapters so far. I would love to have an editor if this strikes anyone's fancy.]
  5. This years World Fantasy convention is taking place in London. During the convention the presentation of the Hugos takes place, the equivalent of the oscars for fantasy writers. This year 'The Wheel of Time', written by Robert Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson, is up for best novel. Including the prequel it's a massive fourteen book saga that, like Lord of the Rings, every fantasy reader should have a go at. If you join loncon3 as a supporter, which costs £25, you not only get to vote, but you get the voters packet. The voters packet includes the ebook version of the entire Wheel of Time as well as most of the other novels, novellas, short stories, etc. Also, this year, they are awarding retro Hugos for 1939 (a year in which, not surprisingly, Hugos didn't get awarded). I believe the voters packet includes all those novels, etc, too. So, for £25 you get to vote and get a lot of ebooks. Here are the finalists for 2014, and for 1939. Go Rand!
  6. If you've ever wanted to write sci-fi or fantasy you should watch Brandon Sanderson's 2012 creative writing course. Sanderson wrote 'Elantris' and has just finished the last book of 'The Wheel of Time.' The entire course of 13 lectures has been filmed and put on-line. It's well worth watching even if you don't write sci-fi or fantasy. CLICK HERE
  7. The authors include Mercedes Lackey and Larry Niven, and the formats include .mobi and .epub http://www.baen.com/...ary/default.asp
  8. One of my favourite fantasy authors is Charles De Lint, a Dutch/Canadian writer and a folk musician, too. Like a lot of good things it was pure chance I discovered his work. Bored at a railway station I was browsing a small rack (book, not a woman's chest) and found Moonheart. It blew me away - and still does on a regular basis. Last week I was unpacking a box (we moved in September and it's one of those chores that gets long forgotten) and came across Moonheart. Box forgotten, I flumped in the bean bag and was gone. A while later I went for the sequel: SpiritWalk, but though I looked high a low It wasn't there ... which lead me to the net where I found it was available from Tor in eBook format for free. Yes, SpiritWalk is Moonheart's sequel, but no, you don't absolutely have to have read Moonheart before you read SpiritWalk - though I almost guarantee that if you haven't you soon will, and probably more of De Lint's novels too. http://www.tor.com/b...gspiritwalklemg
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