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Found 14 results

  1. The vet said (not verbatim) 'As the nights are now drawing in she won't go on heat again until spring.' Stupid vet. I woke in the middle of the night as Sassy (said cat) yowled in my ear. Luckily, I avoided a heart attack. Sassy talks a lot. Siamese always do. But when she's on heat it's excruciatingly loud. Luckily, we live in a cottage with a very thick wall between us and the neighbour, and a stream on the other side. So no complaints... yet. She's not big enough for kittens yet. Next spring she'll be two and hopefully, if she's big enough, we'll find a suitably stunning st
  2. This is a link to Nanowrimo's 'Writer's Prep 101.' A short course in PDF. http://bit.ly/nanoprep101f
  3. Camy

    It's begun.

    Oddly, and even though I've been desperately racking my brain (shows what a weeny one I have) for ideas, AND I have ideas written down, I have not the vaguest inkling what I'm going to write. Except, of course, an occasional blog entry cursing my stupidity for even mentioning it in the first place. Oh GAWD! What on earth shall I do (he says, tears streaming down his feathered chops).
  4. I'm trying to figure out what to write in November. It's hard, because generally I get an idea and off I gallop - which is NOT the way to set about writing anything of great length, e.g.: a novel. It didn't work with Seraph, and it hasn't worked for the last few NaNoWriMo's I've taken part in. I've ended up knackered and with a part finished piece I never seem to get round to finishing. Don't get me wrong; I think some of what I've written has been okay, but short stories seem to suit me better. Last night I had the idea to use this NaNo to continue last years effort (Hellion), but from anoth
  5. Camy

    NaNoWriMo 2011

    I've been pondering this year's NaNoWriMo and trying to decide what I'm going to write. What I want is to end up on December 1st with a finished 50,000 word novella, rather than 50,000 words of a novel I'll never get around to completing. I write short stories and I like to think I'm not bad at them; but novels are a different beast altogether. Novels require more than my skittish self seems to want to give. They require serious thought and planning - especially if they're good. Whereas, for me, a novella might be a good length to try for. I've just finished 'Spartan Gold', a Clive Cussler
  6. He might not have a feathered wing But he loves to howl and pretends to sing He tippy tap typed all through the night For thirty days and it came out right. Phew. Done, but not close to dusted. Congratulations to fellow winner Bruin Fisher, my comrade throughout the 30 days. May your jockstrap never waver!
  7. Camy

    27 in, 3 to go

    We're on day 27 and there are three days to go. Some of our group have already finished, but Bruin and I are both a little behind. That's not bottom talk by the way. My behind is splendid as it is. We're supposed to be in the studio editing another video, but as it's snowing here I have an excellent excuse for writing instead. W00T say I! I absolutely shouldn't be here waffling, but waffling seems far more pleasant than having to decide which of my characters - all of whom I like - should be offed and how nastily. I have a choice of two and ... <sniff>I want them out of danger and home
  8. I've sharpened my fingers, pencils, and all. Determined to succeed: I shall not fall. The wayside of NaNoWriMo is painful indeed, littered with writers, egos, and need. Yup, it's the last few hours before the off. Actually, quite a few hours, but for an Emu of little bonce (ergo weency brain) the hours stream by evermore rapidly. I even know what I'll write! Sort of, almost ... nearly. If you want to keep in touch with my NaNoWriMo efforts, I have a special blog for it called 'Camy's Idiocy.' Ave.
  9. Yep, it's that time of year again. The end of October approaching Novermber and [drum roll] NaNoWriMo. After last years debacle - well, I suppose I was recording an album ... but that's no excuse - where I failed, I swore I would grow up, become sensible, buy a dressing gown, carpet slippers, a pipe, and retire. I had a relation who smoked a pipe. Nice chap. My Aunt's husband. The thing was I hardly ever saw him as he was generally surrounded by a cloud of acrid, billowing smoke. So, I don't like pipes (bongs are a different kettle of worms). Pipes are just [shudder] disgusting, so that was
  10. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Get the idea? I do. It means buckle down and get bleedin' writin' in some obscure dialect of lesser Engrish. Mmmm goody, will do, then. C x
  11. I guess it's time to come clean and admit that no matter how hard I try I am an inveterate pantser. It's one of the reasons I mainly write short stories and not long and rambling novelesque things. All that seems to remain from my outline are the locations and characters, their names and their descriptions. Everything else has gone out of the window. Good or bad? I have no idea, and don't care so long as I get to the end of the first draft: then I can fix what's bust. I think I'm enjoying 'Worth' a lot more than I enjoyed either of the two that came in previous Novembers. Part of it is that
  12. Okay, so I have just under 12 hours to get my act together. I have an outline of sorts, which is all well and dandy, but I wanted the whole thing nailed down. I wanted to know exactly who was going to be doing what to whom and when -- to the nth degree. Fat chance. I should know myself by now. I do, however, have a title: 'Worth.' A good and worthy title I'm sure you'll agree. Good luck to everyone who's taking part! Camy
  13. Camy


    The 2007 NaNoWriMo is finished! Thank the stars. I wrote a story called 'Harvest Time' which started off one thing, and ended up something else entirely - there is no accounting for my muse's whim. It's not finished, but hopefully will be soon, and then It'll be edited and released chapter by chapter. It's sequelesque to Nyquist and Feredir. Camy
  14. Camy

    The world of Emu

    I ain't blogged in an age, so seeing as how I'm in the mood I thought I would. I'm now past halfway in my NaNoWriMo tale 'Harvest Time', which started out being one thing and has now turned into something else. I still have faith that it will be a good something else, but who knows. That's the trouble with being a pantser. One the one hand it's like exploring a vast empty city - you're constantly surprised - and on the other you really, really wish you'd thought about it a bit before you set off, and had a map. I went through my 'work in progress' folder yesterday, and found a whole slew of
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