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Found 20 results

  1. Nicely written, poignant and affecting. I had a tear in my eye and was sniffling when I got to the end.
  2. Oliver is a Cole Parker short story. Need I say more, other than go and read it? đź‘Ť
  3. When I stumbled out of bed, after watching the new Netflix/Amazon/PBS drama 'The Presidential Debate' last night, I had every intention of reading 'The Boy On The Plane' from cover to cover. Then I discovered the canny chap had snuck in (or out) a new short story: 'Moody.' 'Wowsa!' said I, and the cat agreed (she mostly does but only if she wants snacks). Moody is... well, it's... Oh! It's good, obviously. But it's more than that. It's an entire novel wrapped up as a short story. In all his writing Cole delights readers with well drawn protagonists, but with Moody he's gone furt
  4. So... way back when I wrote 'Barnaby' and then shelved it on a hard drive. What followed is the usual tale of computers blowing up and misplaced media. I suppose I'm lucky it wasn't on a floppy (snort). Simon's Lockdown will be along anon.
  5. My Mom is a Witch by Cole Parker Cole has written a wickedly funny Halloween treat that is a true paean to coming of age. 'Crack of dawn' - Snort!
  6. After reading the forum thread on Moonlit Cave by Jason Rimbaud https://awesomedude.com/jasonr/moonlit-cave/moonlit-cave.htm I was motivated to add my own short story which I wrote in response to the same writing prompt: the first line - You watched as the water rushed into the cave as you tugged helplessly at the shackle on your arm; realizing high tide was starting to fill the space, dooming you to drown. You Cannot Save Me by Talo Segura. He watched as the water rushed into the cave, tugging helplessly at the shackle securing his arm; realising the high tide
  7. The House Party by Nigel Gordon 'The House Party' is wonderful. It's the sort of story you'd find in an old hardback anthology you'd lucked upon in a side street bookshop; a bookshop where the owner wears brogues and has leather patches on his rumpled tweed jacket. It reminds me of M. R. James, and Saki. It's a story I'll read again. Don't miss it!
  8. I loved this story, and the amazing twists and turns it took. Anyone who doesn't feel good after reading it needs to have their nerve endings reconnected. R
  9. The Perfect Pitch by William King. Dark clouds scuttled across a grey sky that morning, like an ominous premonition of what was to come. No one spoke as they clambered down the side of the ship and into the landing craft, the only sound was the churning of the engine, the rest he blotted out. The boat rolled and bounced as it turned towards the beach. Private Williams’ stomach churned, not because of the sea, but with fear and apprehension. Even a glance at his buddy Jake could not dispel the knot in the pit of his belly. He followed the others down the ramp and splashed into th
  10. This one is a thought-provoker. As a rule I'm not a huge fan of fantasy tales but luckily that was only a moderate element here. The story was about the journeys of two souls, and kept us guessing until the end. And of course I'm sure I'm not the only reader left wondering "what's next" with the two characters, and for that matter with the unusual world they are in. R
  11. I see that an omnibus post was started about all the Valentine's Day themed stories recently posted, but I think for the work these authors put in there is warrant for some individual commentary. I liked this story a lot. If it was a movie, the audience would have been cheering at the end. And I really would have liked to discover more about "what happens next" after the story ended. Mission accomplished, I would day. R
  12. An interesting contemplation. I don't know if there is a formal name for this genre of story. R
  13. This was another story to have the audience cheering. I especially liked the surprising (although lightly foreshadowed) "small world" aspects. Still wondering what happened to Mr. DaSilva, though. R
  14. Another excellent Cole Porter tale. I thought of the lead character in "First Year" as we got to know Jason. Favorite quote: "How was I supposed to act normally when my heart was acting like someone was loading it down with adrenaline and testosterone and who knew what else?" Also: "I lay there, tired but ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound." And, yes, the audience was cheering at the end. R
  15. I highly recommend this short story by a new author http://www.storylover.us/?t=2R6PCUp1Xdh3fcqX A well written emotional story that won't fail to bring a tear to your eyes - I guarantee it. Take a look, it is a wonderful tale and evokes an image of the past rural America that will live in your imagination as will the history that unfolds.
  16. The Death, a new short story by Stephen king, is available read at The New Yorker. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/03/09/a-death-stephen-king
  17. Awesome, Cole! Or should that be Awesome Cole has written another doozy. Whichever, 'A Modern Fantasy' is an awesome short story that had me grinning throughout. Peachy, and with expletives too. Read it!
  18. Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Readers' Comments Forum If you are a reader of the great stories at AwesomeDude and would like to send comments and/or feedback to your favorite AD author but for one reason or another are not an AD Forums member, then this is the place for you! You can make your views known on a story posted at AD or address its author by just adding your comments and typing <ENTER> no membership needed. We only ask that when posting you observe common courtesy and the good manners you would use when meeting that story's writer in person. Even though by joi
  19. I found 'A Silly Love Story' and thought you might like.
  20. Chuck Palahnuik wrote Fight Club, a very successful novel that was made into a very successful film (Brad Pitt and Edward Norton). So, today I was wandering the net--as you do--and came across his site. As I haven't read any of his work I thought--a rarity--that I'd read one of his short stories. I've no idea why I picked the one I did, but I thought I'd share it with you all. I won't say anymore as that would ruin the surprise. Without further ado, here is Chuck Palahnuik's 'Guts.' Umm ... it's probably best not to read this just before lunch.
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