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the Eggman- A Pioneer of the Genera

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the Eggman- A Pioneer of the Genera

Once upon a time gay stories were little more than text porn- poorly written, unrealistic sexcapades in which everyone was gay- whether they knew it or not and hung like heavy artillery pieces. Gay erotic stories were ALL about sex. Relationships were barely mentioned. Once you had read three of these cum-splattered epics, you had read them all.

In the late nineties several net authors arose that set a new standard for gay themed fiction. A standard in which sex was placed in a more realistic perspective- as a part of life, not all of life. Life in which relationships were paramount beyond the narrow focus on erotica.

For many gay and lesbian people who had been smeared for decades as sex crazed perverts, this sort of story in which our lives were portrayed in a manner beyond the pornographic- this was an idea whose time had come.

The Eggman began a long running story that appeared at Nifty and then eventually his own site the Glass Onion called The New Life.

The New Life begins in Southern California as a young Texan named Prez and his recently divorced mother move to L.A. Prez who had known that he was gay for years met Keith and the rest of Hundster clan and started a new and better life.

What makes this story so unique is not huge drama, it is the 10,000 tiny ones. Don't expect car chases and special effects. TNL is about a group of kids growing up, their friendships, their relationships, their fears, their struggles, their temptations and triumphs. This is a story about life, one day at a time, at a time when so many have forgotten that is quite enough drama for anyone.

The Eggman's characters are endearing and real. You get to know them and see what makes them tick. They are you, me, everybody. I challenge you to read the story, pick a favorite character and stick with it. That is part of the message of the story- there is something special about everybody. Something unique, something endearing and lovable.

Life Goes On continues the story as the boys enter their college years.

Sadly the Glass Onion is no more and now the Eggman writes only for himself these days but his work lives on. It can be found at Nifty's Prolific Authors Page

Check it out if you haven't already discovered the Eggman. He's one of my favorites and will probably become one of yours too.

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Well said. I loved the whole story, indulging myself with chapter upon chapter, each and every night.

The only 'down side' for me was the bits about music, singers, and songs. I am completely non-musically inclined, finding Enya the epitome of excellence musically. The references to popular music and the use of the different instruments fell on 'deaf ears' with me. I'm sure the colorful detail will be like the frosting on a cake for others who ARE musically aware.

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  • 1 month later...

His own message board on yahoo, where he was supposed to go after closing the Onion site, has had nothing from him since April 2005

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New Life/Life Goes On has now been added to the Best of Nifty as undoubtedly people will be looking for the story.

The last chapter Dave posted on his own site was Chapter 7 of Life Goes On... while Nifty has Chapter 6 as last.

I was very, very sad to see The Glass Onion disappear. I did everything I could to persuade Dave to stick it out, but he wanted to reclaim that part of his time the site/story was taking and you can't deny him his right to make the decision he did.

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  • 3 weeks later...

But it will be added to and someday finished. I have other priorities like playing guitar and recording some soundscapes with my 24-track studio but LGO-08 is 145k. Here's a snippet for James and those that might be interested:

Saturday morning, after making love, we decided to stay home and not go to the beach. Both of us wished we had taken at least Saturday night off from work. Keith needed the money for his car insurance payment, which was due the end of that week, so we didn?t call in sick. We made ourselves a big western omelet for breakfast, cleaned the kitchen then kicked back naked on the sofa and watched TV until almost noon. What was really great was we didn?t feel the need to make love; we just snuggled on the sofa, enjoying the freedom of being naked and having the entire house to ourselves. Then I made Keith lunch, we took a shower and I passionately kissed him before he left for Blockbuster.

Gathering my work clothes, I then went to Doug & Brian?s. I told Mike that I had bought a classical acoustic-electric guitar Thursday evening. Mike was quite a bit more pleased than I thought he might be. He was looking forward to trying out my new axe and I was looking forward to learning a few shortcuts from him. It seemed they had forgotten all about their wicked teasing and I didn?t say a word about it either. Karma has ways of presenting opportunities, I?ve learned.

Brian was down in Anaheim that day. We asked Doug to join us in the studio to run the PC while we worked on a few tunes. Mike had learned Behind Blue Eyes, by The Who and we all were certain Keith would like the tune. Once those tracks were complete, we asked Doug if he knew Foreplay/Long Time, by Boston. After a few rehearsals, we began laying down those tracks. But three-thirty rolled around too quickly. Mike, Derrick and I thanked Doug for his help then got ready for work. Brian walked in the house moments before the three of us left for Black Angus.

It was another busy night with a few parties of ten or more people to serve. The three of us work really well together; keeping customers, waiters and waitresses happy. A few minutes before eleven o?clock, I called home to tell Keith that we were just wrapping up. I didn?t want him pacing the floors, worrying about me again. Derrick made our holiday reefer connection and I passed him thirty-five bucks for my share. Around eleven thirty, we left work. I dropped Mike and Derrick at home then crossed town, stopping at a gas station for rolling papers. It was about ten-to-twelve when I stopped in front of the house. Before I stepped out of the 4Runner, Keith opened the front door and Rush raced across the lawn to greet me. Reaching into the backseat, I grabbed my dirty clothes from the back of the truck and turned around to find Keith behind me.

Once we hugged and kissed, he asked, ?Are you very tired??

?Not very,? I replied as I returned his affection. ?I just want to get out of these funky clothes and relax with you and some doobage.?

Suddenly pulling back from me, Keith smiled, ?When did you get pot??

?A little while ago; Derrick got some from one of the cooks and we split it three ways.?

As we started for the house with the hound dog in the lead, Keith asked, ?Do I owe you a few bucks again??

?Absolutely not,? I smiled. ?Our share was only thirty five bucks and that came out of tonight?s tips. Besides, we?ll be sharing it.?

He closed the door behind us and sighed, ?Why didn?t you tell me? I can afford to give you fifteen or twenty bucks.?

Shaking my head, I suggested, ?Next time it?ll be your treat. How about you make us a snack while I get changed??

Keith nodded, ?Tell me next time, okay?? On the way to our room, I agreed and he asked, ?What would you like to eat??

Besides him, I wantonly flashed but only grinned, ?Something substantial so we?re not raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night with the munchies.?

Helping me unbutton my shirt, Keith recommended, ?Sandwiches??

?Yeah, peanut butter and jelly sounds great.?

Keith said, ?By the time you?re changed, they?ll be ready,? and then headed for the kitchen.

With Rush swinging his rope toy around, I finished changing out of my funky work clothes and slipped into a pair of sport shorts. I grabbed the little bag of weed and the rolling papers then went to the kitchen. Taking a seat at the counter, I began trying to roll my first joint. I had never done it before and Keith watched as I accidentally tore the first paper and pot scattered on the counter.

Setting down two plates with our sandwiches, Keith giggled, ?It?s not as easy as it looks.?

I huffed, ?There?s got to be a better way.?

?Actually, there is. Just a second baby,? Keith said, and then turned around. He hurried down the hall to our room and returned with a dollar bill. I watched and learned while Keith carefully folded the dollar and a rolling paper. He then set the rolling paper into the folded dollar bill and explained, ?A poor man?s rolling machine.? He sprinkled a little weed into the paper then rolled the dollar. Out popped a well rolled joint. He licked the glue and set the joint aside.

Picking up my sandwich, I commented, ?Amazing.?

?I learned from Derrick,? Keith said, and then we began eating our sandwiches. After my second bite, I got up to get us two glasses of milk to wash down the pasty PB&J sandwiches.

Minutes later, we were out in the back yard with Rush. Sitting at the patio table, I lit the joint. Coughing and sputtering, I passed it to Keith. He took the joint with one hand and patted my back with the other. Keith passed the joint back to me and only briefly sputtered. Exhaling, he asked, ?Have you ever done a shotgun??

Already getting stoned, I queried, ?Done a shotgun? You know I hate guns.?

Taking the joint, Keith giggled, ?No dude. I?ll blow the smoke into your mouth. It?s called a shotgun. Exhale and get ready.? Turning the joint around and placing the lit end inside his mouth, Keith then leaned forward and pulled me close like he was going to kiss me. But our lips never touched. Keith blew smoke into my mouth and directly into my lungs until I pulled back.

I held it as long as I could then gasped, ?Oh my God!? and began coughing my head off!

Grinning insanely, Keith took another hit. Then Keith passed me the joint and asked that I give him a shotgun too. ?Be careful Prez. Don?t burn your tongue,? he warned. I carefully set the joint in my mouth as Keith had done then blew smoke into his mouth. He pulled away from me with his eyes closed and I took a hit of my own. Then Keith started hacking up a storm and I helplessly giggled. Minutes later, the joint was burning our finger tips. ?We need to fashion a roach clip,? Keith dreamily said and set the stub down on the patio table.

?Derrick just swallows them,? I reminded and then chuckled, ?How he does that, I?ll never know. It must taste like ash and dirt.?

Keith grinned, ?I?m sufficiently wasted.?

I nodded, ?Me too,? and then told Keith about the tunes we worked on earlier that day. Simply talking about music caused my heart to speed up. I really wanted to jam and suggested we go inside. Keith grabbed the extinguished roach and I called the dog then we went to our room.

Taking my acoustic bass out, I then went to the stereo and slipped a Journey CD into the player, knowing it would get Keith going. I played my acoustic bass while Keith sang along and played bongos with the first five songs on the Journey Frontiers disk. Then Keith went to the CD rack and pulled out The Eagles Live CDs. He switched disks and we sang along with Seven Bridges Road a few times. On my new acoustic, I figured the song was in they of D or G major before moving on. All the music we played and sang along with sounded particularly good. Before I knew what happened, it was after two in the morning. We wandered into the kitchen for something to drink, returning to our room to two glasses of Coke.

We were both shirtless, wearing sport shorts only. Keith turned the TV on then turned to me, seemingly wanting to say something. His eyes were so red? and his shoulders so wide? and his torso so perfectly chiseled. Keith stepped towards me and my pecker lurched as if to holler, ?Hello lover!? He wrapped his arms around me and began placing angel soft kisses around my lips. In between kisses, he dreamily said, ?Suddenly? I don?t? really care? what?s on TV.?

?I know,? I softly sighed, and pulled him against me so he could feel my growing erection. I noticed that he had a chubby too.

Seemingly embarrassed, Keith grinned; ?The last two days, since our anniversary, I?ve wanted to suggest going a day without sex. But then when I?m alone with you? I can?t bring myself to say it, never mind go through with it.?

I nodded and softly admitted, ?I?ve wondered if I?m addicted to making love with you. But I know I am addicted to being with you ? have been for a year, what we do together is beside the point.?

Keith nodded, ?Do you want to??

?Maybe later,? I answered as I rested my head on his shoulder. ?Just hold me.?

Agreeing, we started swaying. A minute or so later, Rush crawled into his crate and lay down with a huff. My eyes closed and we swayed for many minutes more. Keith then suggested, ?Let?s light the candles and turn off the lights.? Soon those tasks were done and we retuned to our slow swaying. My mom was watching us from the photos on the entertainment center. I felt she was at peace but my mind drifted helplessly to those same old guilty feelings.

Most of what I?ve experienced since October would not have happened had she lived. The partnership with Keith would still exist, I knew that; but it wouldn?t be the same. Without actually living together, it couldn?t be the same. The late night swaying would be far less common. Sharing ideas would have to wait or be done over the phone. I began to softly tell him what was going through my mind. I finished my little confession with; ?It still hurts, Keith. If we weren?t together like we are right now and so content, I?d be bawling like a baby.?

He squeezed me and whispered, ?I understand, Prez.?

Pulling my head back, I looked deep into his brown eyes and queried, ?Does it make you angry or sad??

He shook his head and said, ?Nothing like what you feel. I only wish I could magically release you of all that.?

I grinned, ?You do, so much of the time.?

Tilting is head, Keith wondered, ?Why not this time??

Releasing one hand and turning us slightly, I pointed at the photos. Keith nodded knowingly and I asked, ?Do you think I should put them away??

?Not for me or my benefit, only if you really want to,? he replied. And then he added, ?I don?t feel bad when I look at them. If anything, I?m reassuring her and myself that I can and will take care of you for the rest of our lives.?

Hearing him say that helped more than I could?ve ever guessed. I kissed him softly then rested my head on his shoulder again and thought about it. There were three pictures on the entertainment center; one of her and me at my last birthday, another of me, my dad and her taken when I was about five, and finally, her wedding portrait. I asked myself if I should take them all down or maybe leave just one on display. The birthday picture was my favorite, even though it was only five-by-eight. Opening my eyes and looking atop the entertainment center, I made my decision. Dropping my arms and kissing Keith?s cheek, I then stepped back and went to remove the other two portraits. ?Where should I put them?? I asked.

Keith answered, ?Not far, where they?re easily accessible so you can get at them in an instant.?

Taking the pictures to the dresser, I opened the underwear drawer and actually began rearranging things until Keith stepped up beside me. He didn?t say a word but I saw the reflection of his grin in the mirror. ?Not such a great place?? I reckoned and smiled.

Unable to break his smirk, Keith shrugged, ?If you had died, would you want her putting your pictures under her bras and panties??

I chuckled, ?Probably not.?

?How about the bottom drawer with the sweaters and sweatshirts?? he suggested.


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:) Thanks, and I glad you're okay, and I suspect those other priorities are ones you have set for yourself because you love them. 8)

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Uniting all the loves in our lives; the things that give us joy, all woven into the tapestry of a story, makes for joy to all who read it. Thank you for sharing that.

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