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" The Other Side" by Chris James


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I am pretty sure I read this two years ago when (I believe) it was first posted, but it's back as a Pick from the Past and worth having its own thread here.

It's a very cool premise and, as Cynus noted in another thread, would be a great setup for a novel. It would be really great to see how Mason and Everett get on. I am a sucker, also, for stories where the lead character (Mason, in this case) discovers that he has special skills or powers that allow him to do unusual things. (Think Jacob in "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.")

Anyway, it's a fine piece of writing and cries out for more.


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Thanks for pointing it out, Rutabaga. It is indeed a wonderful tale. Of course, it cries out for more. But the story makes it clear that the sequels are in the readers' minds so it's up to us to provide them. Most enjoyable!

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​"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..." Tipping my hat to Robert Frost in this story. In every life there is always the path not taken and I wanted to show just what might be missed in the ordinary life of my character.

​This short story was never meant to be anything greater. My contribution to the AD tenth anniversary celebration. I just wanted to open a door to that other side and give the readers a glimpse of what might be. That means there will be no sequel, sorry Lugnutz.

​My thanks to all of you for reading the story.

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I remember reading this some time ago. It is nice to read it once more. I am so glad it is in this month's pick of the past. Chris was a great story teller, whose talent is missed. 

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