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Halloween 2016


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Well I've just finished all the stories, and I loved all them! Some surprises, some tension, and all fantastic stories.

If you haven't read them yet, please do so :smile: To make things easier, here are the links to the stories:

Halloween Engagement by Cole Parker

Greedy by Graeme

31 October 2011 by Pedro

My First Job - A Halloween Story by Chris James

Human Child by Bi Janus

A Creepy Clown Halloween by Colin Kelly

Blue Fire, Devil's Ire by Cynus

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The Halloween Collection is one of the highlights of the Awesome Dude year. It is something I look forward to every year. This year though it is something special. These stories are some of the best stories by some of the best writers on the site or any gay writers site for that matter. I could go into detail about each one and pass judgement on their quality but that would be unfair on the authors for they are each in their own way small masterpieces of writing. Read the and enjoy them.

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Great work, all our AD Authors.... and special kudos to Alien Son, our AwesomeDude Design Editor, who although Halloween may not be his favorite holiday, puts that extra effort forth to make the stories look as good as they read!



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‚ÄčI agree with Cole, it is the imagination that makes these themed compilations so wonderful. No two stories are alike and that gives the readers a great variety to absorb. Glad to have been a part of this year's Halloween bash. My thanks to the Dude and John for the assembly, it all looks good.

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The prevailing theme of these stories is that Halloween can be a dangerous time for kids, but eventually they prevail and perhaps even come out the winners.

Of course, if parents read these stories they'll find leverage to support the argument that going trick-or-treating can be dangerous. Where we live the elementary and middle schools and churches hold Halloween events in their parking lots. Parents dress up in costumes and park their cars and give out candy to the kids so it's like the usual trick-or-treat activity of Halloween. The schools and churches have games and food for the kids. This is advertised as a safe-and-sane approach to Halloween. According to the local newspaper, as a result there are fewer kids going around trick-or-treating and those that do are usually teenagers. We're curious to see how many kids come to our house trick-or-treating.

Colin :icon_geek:

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When did we become so fearful of letting our kids roam our neighborhoods? I did that throughout my childhood with no parent standing watching. All kids did then. I don't think the world is more dangerous now. I just think the few tragedies than have occurred have been so blown up by the media that no one feels safe any longer.


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For awhile, one of our parents went with us until we got a little older. We were restricted as to where we could go. It was the block we lived in and the block to the south of us. Then it was only to the houses of the people we knew.

I'm also down to the last story.

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