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A rather strong political statement

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A group which, in AD 2016, cannot spell "syphalis" and steals musical key modification humor from Spamalot seems ill prepared to deal with the realities of a complex national economy which, in fact, has little in common with post-World War I Germany. I'm surprised they're not Trump enthusiasts.

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... one thing Spamalot was not, was musically unique ...

Indeed, which is part of the rather ironic self-flagellating Spamalotian humor.

One song in the show, however, makes great fun of the need in many musicals to modulate keys several times, generally in an upwards direction, to the point the male vocalists themselves have a difficult time of it. (Been there, done that, got the strained vocal chords to prove it!) It's a great invention brilliantly done as the male singer threatens the conductor. Mad chaos follows.

This video, however, tosses in a rather pedantic "Fuck... it's time to change the key" which is a pretty lame variation on the original theme. Somewhat like holding a party for illiterates to celebrate Magna Carta Day.

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