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It probably doesn't make much difference how you voted in Mississippi, James, as the state will go Republican, though I don't think that label really fits Trump. Same with me—California will go blue, and my vote for Hillary won't make any difference. Still, I voted. I'd hate to see Trump win and have to say I didn't vote against him.


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​Now we can sigh in our discontent as Donald Trump becomes our president. Yes, he is my president as well, much as I despise the bastard. It will take him some time due to his inexperience to learn the job, but he will have others telling him how it works, much as they had to do for G.W. Bush. Trump's advisors will be of the Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie variety.

​The bigger mess is that the GOP has retained control of the Congress. Although Trump is a Republican it remains to be seen how much of his agenda will find support in Congress, but some things are certain: Black Lives no longer matter, LGBTQ rights will be put down, and Jesus will be driving the bus. I expect a bumpy ride ahead.

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I am depressed this morning--worse than after 9/11--this time because the destruction is by my country's own hand. It feels like America has committed suicide.

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