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the Great Drake

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the Great Drake

Drake is without any doubt one of the very best net authors currently active. His writing is technically very sophisticated and is laced with keen insight, a dry wit and a unique style that draws you into the worlds that he creates.

Drake is a good friend of Dewey (author of the Brian & Pete Saga). Two of Drake's works are spin offs using characters and settings originally created by Dewey: Chris Forn and his family and friends and Tony Braden and his family.

In Finding His Own the romance between Chris Forn and Tony blooms, with its highs and lows and the challenges that result from their sexuality and relationship.

In A Place to Live, their relationship continues as Chris and Tony grow and find themselves.

The Last Word is a coming of age story about a group of college friends who take a spring break trip to New Orleans in which the characters grow through a lot of changes.

A Royal Thief is a fantasy epic that is one of the best of the breed.

Drake's stories are long but well worth your time. They are easily good enough for publication. But beware! Reading Drake's stories creates a time warp in which you become engrossed in the story and time is distorted. I found myself saying just one more chapter and found that dawn had caught up with me.

>>>Drake's Place


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