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Twenty years of stories from IOMfATS


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Me too.  Which surprises me.  But here are the ones on the list I well remember and love:




You can't go wrong with any of these.




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A lot of good stuff I found on IOMFATS was by AD authors and therefore I could also find it here. But Grasshopper was one of a few exceptions, and I devoured his wonderful sagas there.

I corresponded with him for a bit, he was kind enough to help me with a story I was working on. But he's gone completely silent on the web now, as far as I can tell. I know he had a nasty industrial accident which made it difficult for him to type, I thought that was going to be temporary but maybe he's offline because he can no longer do it? I do hope not. He's a young man with his life ahead of him and I wouldn't like to think he's restricted in that way, especially since he has such talent. My greetings and very best wishes to him, anyway.

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I hadn't heard about that accident.  I was also fortunate enough to share a couple of emails with him.  I  hated seeing him stop writing along with the rest of us.  I kind of thought he was having family problems, and that influenced that, but that was simply supposition on my part.

If he did have an accident that made typing difficult, these days you can speak to the computer and it'll do that typing for you.  But he's certainly aware of that.

I too wish him the absolute best.  What a talented young man.


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