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I've just finished reading some of his stories at nifty, so I'm interested in seeing how this one progresses. His other stories tend to wander a lot, with occasional bouts of drama, but one of the things I like is how he has a significant number of straight characters. Not everyone turns out to be gay :icon1:

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I'm cooling on Cheddars, now at Chapter 11. The original premise--a young man is kicked out of his home and living on the street before meeting the other main character--has turned somewhat clichéd. I'll continue reading it, but my recommendation intensity is reduced a few notches.

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I have followed David Lee's writing for many years, and have also had a very active private email conversation with him for about ten years.  His stories do tend to have a bit of a Waltons-esque quality to them, but I'm OK with that. 



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