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Arkadelphia Plantation by Sequoyah

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It has been some time since we saw a new story here by Sequoyh but one has finally arrived. From the very start it has all the feeling and atmosphere that one associates with the work of this master storyteller. The first chapter sets you firmly not only within the time and place of the story but also within the dynamics of the family and the participants in events. Although nothing is actually clearly described sufficient is given that I have a clear feel for the office where Ethan works, the plantation house and the school. This is Sequoyh's great ability, to be able to build a picture in your mind of place and events with the minimum of description. Lighting up your imagination so that you buy into the story he is telling.

Chapter 1 has grabbed me, I can't wait to see where the story is going to go. My feeling is that this will be better than Sentinel Mountain or Journey to Love, both of which are great stories, well written and well told.

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1 hour ago, colinian said:

Caution: spoiler!

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I wonder when Scotty is going to come crawling back and want Ethan to forgive him.


Colin  :icon_geek:


If he does crawl back, what will he be bringing back with him. Probably some unpleasant STD!

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