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Through Different Eyes — Dead link :(

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Attempting to re-read Through Different Eyes, which has been linked from AD but hosted by The Mail Crew, I was taken to a web page that informed me that the domain name themailcrew.com has been listed for sale. Is there any chance that the story could be hosted here? I think it is an excellent story, and I've seen it referenced in at least one other story on a gay fiction site.

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Unfortunately, the story can't be hosted here because the author,  Drake Hunt, was very specific about only giving The Mailcrew permission to host it. Drake has since disappeared from the Internet and hence can't give permission to host it. To the best of my knowledge, that was the only story of Drake's that was hosted off his own site...which has also disappeared. 

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It's true that Drake gave exclusive rights to The Mail Crew to post the story.

However, he gave specific instructions that AwesomeDude could link the story through TheMailCrew's site due to our fraternal relationship with TMC.

I'll modify the link to point to the archivee version TMC to make it available within the limits the author intended.



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