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Another moment for stupid politics

Chris James

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I have never heard of anything this idiotic before, but only Donald Trump could think up something this stupid:



Its bad enough that he seems to spend every weekend in Florida playing golf as if his job in Washington doesn't exist. (and these trips cost Palm Beach County 1.5 million a visit) Recall if you will the number of times President Obama went off to the golf course and the Republicans were up in arms because he wasn't doing his job. Can you imagine them criticizing Trump for this?

But the absurdity of him now going about the country running for re-election in 2020. What the hell is that all about? No doubt the infantile mind we now have in the White House loved the campaign he ran last year. Just like in the early days of adolescent masturbation, it seems he is out there stroking himself again in front of the public.

The point is that the Trump administration is already a mess and yet the boss seems to be on the verge of running away. Maybe Trump should just remove the government from Washington and place it in Florida at his country club. This moron needs to be kicked to the curb in short order. I think the GOP is beginning to see the writing on the wall and realize their time will soon come to join the Big Fail.

Outsourcing our government to India looks better every day. I bet they would even read the Constitution before taking over.  

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