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Equality can come at a price...


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Yes it does. The arts are viewed by the right-wing cults as either a nuisance or an infringement of their agenda to control the populace.

What they do not seem to appreciate is that the arts are a harbinger, a forerunner...a vanguard of excellence in thought and beneficial deed for advancement of the culture; even if at the expense of more conservative and reactionary ideologies, dogmas and doctrines. 

Come to think about it, it becomes obvious as to why the Right so often seeks to limit the arts, and the Left views the arts as progressive, especially when the objective is to free the mind from the Right's restrictive control. 

We must also include the desire to appreciate and propagate the sense of wonder and beauty that the Arts makes accessible for human enjoyment.

Yeah, it's open season on the arts, education, and science.*  Treating the arts as being nothing more than a business is an anathema, a curse on human artistic expression; on our aesthetics which, are so essential in all that we do as creative and innovative beings.

*(It's not by accident that it is called, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.)

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Trump and his henchmen have got it all wrong as they work to undermine and withdraw support from the Arts.  The Arts help to keep the restive liberal left in check by giving us something to play around with and occupy our time and distract us from harsh reality.  Marie Antoinette got it right when she said 'let them eat cake' so that the absence of bread would not be noticed.  If Trumpites had any sense they would pour funding into Arts programs from the elementary grades all the way through to community and adult programming, thereby keeping us all busy and happy. 

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Nah. Do it like the pros do in McKinney, Texas. Build your local high school a $70 million dollar football shrine so the boys can play on it for about 12 hours per school year and the band can get 12 10-minute half-time spots amidst them. Cheerleaders can just make do with silly sideline routines whilst the true heroes struggle on the gridiron.

Mind you, that amount of dollars would purchase 70,000 laptops for your kids (about 200 years' worth) but We The People know what is important.

(And this one is a discount. The $60 million stadium in Allen, Texas, was condemned a couple years ago just 18 months after it was completed because the concrete was crumbling. Same concrete they'll use for The Wall?)

And there's also the stadium at Katy, Texas, and... and... and...

Believe it or not, all of these fiascos seem to be independent of The Donald.

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Someone's making a fortune selling concrete that may or may not be covered by state building codes because those people don't seem to see the need for that sort of protectionism, and who wants to pay for anyone to enforce regulations, anyway?  Why that would be unAmerican, regulating businesses, cutting into their profits.  What would be next, trying to regulate how much pollution comes from the back ends of cars? Heaven forbid.



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Unfortunately at times political correctness and equality legislation and guidelines comes up against reality with some stupid results. The 'Only Boys Aloud' case is one. A small charity I have worked with in the past closed it doors a couple of years ago. It provided advice and information on safe sex to members of the LGBT community. It did this by handing out safe sex packs and information at gay clubs and other gay venues. It's funding was withdrawn as its information distribution policy was deemed to be discriminatory against heterosexuals!!! 

There is a place for common sense to come into the system. Unfortunately, due to the risk of being sued, officials dare not do anything but apply the rules exactly as they are laid down. 



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