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I got the following request today.  I don't know this story.  Does anyone here?


Cole, I need some help. I'm looking for a specific story I've read , but can't seem to find. I'm almost certain it's not one of yours; I'm hoping you might have an idea. The story is about a boy who is kidnapped and held for several years. He ultimately manages to find a cell phone and calls his "best friend" with a somewhat cryptic message. The friend recognizes his voice, and from that point the authorities are able to locate where the boy is held. I've gone through the AD list several times and even used the search function, but so far haven't had any luck.

Anyone have any ideas?


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I replied directly to Cole, but he encouraged me to join up and actually participate in these forums, so here I am!

Sequoyah does have an extended kidnap/rescue scene in one of his stories, but I don't think it is what the OP is looking for.  I am fairly certain the story in question is "A Halloween Surprise" by Driver, winner of the 2015 Halloween contest over on Castle Roland.  Find the story here:


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Thank you, Tom, for putting me on to this amazing story.  I thought I'd read most everything Driver has written but this one somehow got by me until now.  I've just read it quickly, but it certainly seems like the one Cole described above.

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I have had entirely too much time on my hands recently and have frittered away the hours exploring many of the story sites.  I have re-read all of my favorites, and have discovered some new gems hidden away among the not-quite-gems.  If I remember some of the better ones, I will try to post the links in appropriate places.

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