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Jamie's Quest by Joel

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It seems like a good idea to start a thread for this new series that anyone can post to.

I have read everything here by Joel (which is saying something, giving the extent of it) and am never disappointed.  I remember liking Flip's Tale but have not gone back to refresh my memory.  It will be interesting to read about characters in the late 20th century rather than the era of Robert Peel (Tom Browning's School Days).







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Like Merkin, I went back and read "Flip's Tale", which I thoroughly enjoyed. There again I have enjoyed all Joel's work and look forward to reading the rest of "Jamie's Quest". The beginning has been first class.

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I am having so much fun reading this story (as I do all of Joel's stories).  Poor Jamie doesn't quite know what all is going on around him, but he knows some of it must be important!  Having to translate some of the dialog from Scottish and English into American sometimes forces me to slow down and pay more attention, but that is a good thing.  Meeting many of the boys from Flip's Tale as their younger selves is adding to the enjoyment of both stories.

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