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Walking the Wild Side by Nigel Gordon

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There is a new story, 'Walking the Wild Side', being posted by Nigel Gordon on IOMFATS.org. It is now at chapter 4 and looks like it is going to get very interesting. I noticed in intro that it had been edited by Pedro and Cole Parker so was rather surprised not to see it here. Hope Nigel has not decided to move, his 'Words Unsaid' has also been posted to IOMFATS.

Not sure where the story is going to go but I can say that at the moment I am very scared for the well being of the lead character.  You can find the story at: 



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6 hours ago, Paul Wren said:

Not sure where the story is going to go but I can say that at the moment I am very scared for the well being of the lead character.

As Paul said I have the benefit of having read the full story. I dont think I am giving too much away if say that we can deduce from the narrative being in the past tense that our Leo survives to the end, but not necessarily unscathed. Also, as we might expect from Nigel, it doesn't quite go where we might think it is heading.

Interestingly, and presumably by coincidence, Mike has chosen Nigel's "Miss Jenkin's Work" as one of his picks from the past this month. Family Jenkins make an off stage appearance in the later chapters of this new story.

I am not privy to the reasons as to why the story has not been posted here. I did ask Nigel why he had posted "Words Unsaid" at IOMFATS and I understood that he was hoping to reach and get feedback from another audience. 

I know  authors occasionally leave this site by mutual agreement or disagreement but I don't think that is the case here. After all Nigel's stories are still here and if authors go their stories would normally go too!

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While we try to encourage creativity in writing we clearly stipulate certain content restrictions as posted in our submissions policy.  you can read the entire document here under the 'Submissions' tab on the AwesomeDude Home Page http://awesomedude.com/support/submissions.htm.

Particularly relevant is the second paragraph under the heading What kind of stories do you usually accept?. 

Let me say, that while many stories falling outside these guidelines over the past 13 years by wannabe AD authors have been rejected, I have only had to decline posting two by current AwesomeDude Authors.

Yes, we turned thirteen years old on April 3rd.



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