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One Fish, Two Fish

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It was wonderful to read this prequel. I finally learned how North got his name--I knew it was a middle name, but until reading this, never knew why he didn't go by his first name. It was wonderful seeing the story through the eyes of a small child--reminding me of the opening of James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The only problem was that one thing lead to another, and I lost many hours this past weekend reading the whole Goldendale series over again. It was a great pleasurable time, except for the real-life work that didn't get done because of it--but I'd do it again, to spend a weekend with such well-crafted characters dealing with such weighty issues. It's also amazing to read of a time when men weren't allowed to marry other men or to adopt--not that long ago, and to realize how radical the changes in the past few years have been.


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