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I know we have a pretty shady group of individuals here.  I came across the following in my perpetual quest for learning what I don't know, and it occurred to me how valuable this might be for some in this gang.  I provide it here in the hopes it isn't needed.



Should I just follow the river? Won't their handlers realize what I'm doing and just follow the river after me until they pick up the scent again? Should I throw steak in the opposite direction?
There is no way to defeat a bloodhound. main-qimg-15addd0e3dd2d1063bc828ee84caf0
I researched tactics for evading tracking by bloodhounds for A Kill in the Morning, and this is what I discovered:

A bloodhound’s nose is around three thousand times more sensitive than a human’s. This level of sensitivity makes scent-hiding tricks futile.
  • Doubling back will not work.
  • Running over rocky terrain will not work.
  • Hiding in a tree will not work.
  • Throwing pepper or food on the ground will not work.
  • Running down-wind will not work.
  • Crossing a stream will not work, although it will slow the bloodhound
    down a little as it reacquires the scent on the other side.

But the US Air Force teaches an anti bloodhound tactic that works on its Aircrew Escape and Evasion course. First, find a position where you can see the dog and its handler coming.  

Then, when you see them coming, shoot the handler - it’s not the dog that’s going to kill you.
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13 hours ago, Jason Rimbaud said:

I tend to not put myself in the position where I am being chased by bloodhoods.  Jason Rimbaud 

Jason, that's absolutely the best suggestion.

Colin  :icon_geek:


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