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Lucky Seven by Gee Whillickers

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I don't know how Gee Whillickers does it, coming up with consistently wonderful stories based in the frozen northern plains, but this latest one, "Lucky Seven" shows his work at the absolute top of his form.  Definitely not a Gong Show!  Don't miss it. 

My only regret is that I never want his characters to disappear after the story is over.  How about a few sequels, Gee?  You can start with this one.


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Let's see now... I've tried ten-pin, duck pin, and candle pin, but never five pin. Nice to know there might still be pleasant outings! Thanks for a great tale.

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When I took my first Creative Writing class in middle school the teacher said something, as a joke, that stuck with me anyway: "There's no story with more than three words that doesn't need editing."

Colin  :icon_geek:


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An absolute delight.  I was chuckling at the conclusion.  I completely agree with the oft repeated comment that there ought to be a sequel - or two.

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