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America's Ignorant Executive

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There is a lot that Donald Trump doesn't know, and his cabal of advisors are just as ignorant. Perhaps they are too busy swearing allegiance to the monkey-in-charge to do a simple Google search on topics the fearless leader broaches on a daily basis. Here's an example of his latest blunder:


Despite his ongoing attacks on immigrants, this president is going to castrate effective medical care for the poor and leave them standing on street corners. His latest crushing blow to Medicaid is going to double the number of needy people in this country while further cutting taxes on the wealthy.  



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What makes it more fun is that a lot of the opposition is going to miss that the existing legislation was signed into law by President Bill Clinton! So they'll promote Trump's heartlessness (true) with their headlines --- forgetting which side put the questionable rule in place to start with.

On the other hand, I think right now there are a lot of monkeys feeling insulted.

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