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Cole Parker

Gull Island Light

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Cole beat me to posting on this one - I was busy working on my Halloween story. Yes, Gull Island Light is an exceptional story, beautifully written and presented. I absolutely loved the way Nicholas weaved together past and present, and how he explored homosexuality and indigenous people at a time when neither were respected. This is a fantastic read.

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I will always enjoy a story that takes me places I have never been, Nicholas has done that, although I wanted more. Everything north of Chicago is a mystery to me, and although Nick claims the story to be fiction in his notes I have to doubt if the setting was contrived.

I agree with Altimexis, writing the story in glimpses of past and present gives the reader the broadest look at the characters and places described. The emotions of a first experience, the differences in culture...just everything about this story is a delight.

Well done...all should read this one.  

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A very meaningful story. It's not often there's a story in AwesomeDude (or Codey's World) written about the Indians who lived in America before anyone else arrived — and still live here, but under very different circumstances.

Colin  :icon_geek:

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A wonderful story.  Enjoyable and moving.  I sent him an email too.

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