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I just read this story and it's great.  The entire mood of note writing is captured.  The worry, the joy, the terror, the relief.  And I remembered it all in this wonderful story.  You need to go there.

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“Notes” is a wonderful capture of what I remember passing notes entailed: the dread of interception and the fear of discovery resulting in life-ending embarrassment, the delicious perception of the total risk of leaving a paper trail…  I fear that today’s easy access to texting has diminished and cheapened this thrill, as it has so much of human interaction.

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There are some stories which are good, there are some which are great. Then there are some like Notes which can only be called sublime. They work perfectly, capturing the feeling of time, place and events. To write such a story takes great skill and in Notes Cole has demonstrated that skill perfectly. Probably one of the best short stories I have ever read and certainly the best I have read on the internet.

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