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VAMPIRE IN THE PARK, a TR poem (Halloween Series)

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Vampire In The Park

Beloved, slinking lover

Spectral, slim and sure, you

Watch me from the darkness,

Weaving webs around my heart.

You draw my eyes

I catch my breath;

So lithe, so lovely, so clearly

Wanting me to want you.

Your need, your aching fire,

Your hunger calls to me;

Lonely years and sorrows

Bathe your face in blues.

Your smile, a gladsome gift,

Shining, pointed, precious;

My beating blood sings hot,

My throat entices.

My eyes say yes, and yes,

And yes again;

Your pupils dilate

As, stealthy, you draw near.

Oh, how I want you!

I remember you from daydreams

I remember you from nightmares;


Long ago, I knew you


In ancient times, we loved.

My trembling self, it knows you,

My blood cries out for yours;

I grow hard and faint with longing

Oh, for your touch

Flesh on flesh, fiery contact,

Yes, please, yes.

I have always loved you

I can feel it in my bones as,

Like a panther, you approach and

Scenting prey, you smile.

You draw me close, embrace me,

Soft, stroking skin, I shudder;

Your dark gaze is deep as shadows

Wherein death and love entwine.

A gasp, a feather touch,

I fall into your midnight eyes

So haunted, saddened, needful;

Gentle teeth graze salty skin,

A sigh,

And I am yours.


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