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High School Hero by Cole Parker

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Anticipation...that is the one word I am left with at this point in Cole's story. 

I admire the way he has presented us with the main character at different points in life. This story will keep me occupied for some time to come, and perhaps in a few weeks there will be more to say, but I like it. Thanks, Cole...and now I am left with anticipation, and a smile. 

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On 9-2-2018 at 5:52 PM, Cole Parker said:


aha!  looking ahead!

No. It's you that pushes our curiosity ahead. 

The big "why"-card that you play wonderful as always. 

It's why I am immediately hooked when I start to read one of your works.

Complaining about that burden? Nah, secretly I love it! :-)

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Gaah!  Who will it be for Whit ?  When will it be ?  The waiting is excruciating.  Mike could make big bucks for the site if he would sell Preview Peeks at the whole package of one of Cole's  serialized stories when its first chapter goes up. 

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