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by  Desmond Rutherford


Stop it! Just stop it.

Such bickering and immature behaviour,

Belongs in the schoolyard shithole.

The least you could do is install a bidet,

So that your shitholes are clean,

But no, you'd rather play games,

With our lives,

And the life of our planet.

Why do good people even try,

To get you crazy, power mad politicians,

To seek a way to live together in harmony,

Or minimally, in quiet solitude,

Where love can flourish,

Instead of fascism festering,

In baths of communal hatred?

So unnecessary, so stupid.

Does no one see the inevitable,

Desolation of mind and body if,

We do not stop this scourge of,

Racist mistrust of our fellow humans,

This sickening maltreatment and mistrust,

Of each other,

This impending horror of the loss of all reason?

Are we to suffer extinction by ignorance?

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