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GHOST KISSES, a TR poem (Halloween Series)

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Ghost kisses on my eyelids

And all the thrills thereof

Urge this new night?s surrender

To you, my phantom love.

In chilly night embraces

You wrap me like a glove;

Soft whispers in the stillness

From you, my spectral love.

Does morning bring forgetting

Do you just disappear,

Or do you linger lonely

Until the stars appear?

Will you lie awake, restless

Remembering delights,

And will you ache for moonrise

When love again ignites?

For my part, I know hunger

When sunlight rules above,

And crave nocturnal kisses

From you, my ghostly love.

When night returns, I ?m eager

And restless as a dove;

To wrap myself in shadows

With you, my eerie love.

Which one of us is haunted,

Which one does daybreak save:

You with your spooky passion

Or I who love the grave?

No living man for my bed,

No breathy human sighs,

You offer me perfection:

A love without goodbyes.


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