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New Book I might just have to buy

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I don't often pay attention to books written by politicians, or the books written about them. The focus these days seems to be on the political fringe who have taken over, and nothing about Donald Trump is worth knowing. He and his ilk care nothing about the gay community and the issues we face.

But there is one politician who has always been in our corner, and yet he seems to have faded into the background. I am speaking about Joe Biden, our former vice-president and a commendable voice in support of the LGBT community.


I have never met Mr. Biden, but I would enjoy shaking his hand. For a man who faced such monumental tragedy in his life I have always been in awe of his empathy and genuine concern for others. The article mentions this new book about his family life and I am determined to read it. Amidst all the scandal and strife in government these days, I always manage to imagine Joe Biden as a breath of fresh air, something I never attribute to politics.     


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