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William King

Site lag on forum.

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It would seem I am not alone in experiencing the site lag when posting to the forum.

Description: after writing something in a forum thread you hit the button SUBMIT TOPIC and nothing happens.

Nothing happens, there is a time delay, I'm used to it now and always wait. Usually, after a delay the item posts. If you don't wait the item gets posted twice, or as many times as you hit that button. It is also possible, due to the delay, that you receive an error message, but the item gets posted. Again, if you hit that submit topic button a second time, it gets posted twice.

I have no idea why there is a delay, but suspect it's to do with varying internet speeds. It is not something unique to this site, but is very noticeable here.

 The solution: DON'T press that button a second time. If you are concerned what you wrote might get lost in cyberspace, copy it before posting. Hit the button once, go away and come back to check, whilst you still have the copy in your clipboard (that is, haven't copied anything else). 99% of the time it will have posted.


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The issue here, though, is that you submit a post and get a message stating "ERROR: The request could not be satisfied."  Any normal person would interpret that as meaning that the post submission had failed.  So it would only be natural to try again. 

In reality, the post submission will not have failed.  The error message is spurious.  But that only comes to light later when multiple copies of the same post appear. 



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Remember, we are using third-party forum software from Invision Community. It is insanely complex software. They make a change to push a fix to a feature and it pulls something unrelated so it doesn't work like it did before but usually still works. A.K.A. the posting on the forums. Just wait; they will fix this problem eventually.

Something that I've noticed (which might not be common since no one has mentioned it) is that the problem that William King described only happens with the first post I make when I enter the forum. Other posts in that session work without the delay or the error message. Has anyone else noticed this?

Colin  :icon_geek:

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It happened today when I posted. Lag then error message. So it's not fixed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you pay for this forum? If you pay they should fix it. Someone should raise a ticket to flag the problem.

This being my second post today, I confirm that it only happens on the first post. This posted instantly.

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Still getting this error message with new topic postings.  However, the topic does get posted, and the error message makes no sense.


The request could not be satisfied.

CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection. 

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This, unfortunately, appears to be a common problem with IPS forum software. What I've found is if you get this message after you've posted on the forum, your post probably is there. So, copy your post (just in case, though it should still be showing as if it hadn't been posted), then click on Home at the top of the forum.

Take a look where you'd wanted to post. Your post should be there. If it didn't post, you can paste what you copied (though, it will probably still be there so in that case you won't have to paste what you'd copied) and resubmit it.

I've found that it only happens with the first post I make coming into the forum. And, I've found that it always has been posted.

Colin  :icon_geek:

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