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Passive, what other ways could you think of to organize / access the resources on the site? Yes, there are many ways to present what a site has to offer.

I think what Dude is going for is a way to show off as many authors and stories as possible, and to give each one an equal chance. Also, he's searching for a look that is unique.

Drop down menus are cool, but they hide info at the same time as they organize it. Fewer steps to get to info makes it easier and more enjoyable for the visitor.

First-time visitors are probably going to be more intrigued by a story title and description than by an author's name, unless they know that author's work already. -- The challenge is to present both a list by story title and another by author.

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I like the way it is now. I particularly like the scrolling bits, and the short quotes from the newest story chapters.

One thing that does bother me however, is that some of the newest story chapters are in fact not new. I have read them from other locations some time ago. It would be interesting to hear how you decide on the speed or frequency of adding chapters which may have been posted for months elsewhere.

I may be unique, but I doubt it, in wanting to read as many chapters as possible as quickly as possible. Once I'm hooked on a story, I will search as many places as I can think of in order to get more of my 'fix'. Then later on I will see a notice here that the newest chapter is in, and subsequently find that it is not the newest (for me) at all.

Another personal issue for me is mixing the different characters from different stories together in my mind. If I read 10 different story chapters in one week, I am unable to keep them seperate in my mind. I am much better able to handle multiiple chapters of the same story just like one would in a 'real' book.

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