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How do you actually read the stories?


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For while, I tried reading the different stories while sitting at my computer desk. Frankly, it became a pain in the ass.

My solution came in the form of a Palm PDA. I would take the story, Ctrl C & Ctrl V it into a .doc file, reduce the size, and combine as many chapters as I could find. Then I could take this with me, to read wherever I could find some time, most often in bed (sadly, alone). The added bonus of course is that it's much easier to pleasure yourself in bed than sitting at the computer desk, although that is by no means not possible, assuming the story had some 'turn on' spots. But nothing lasts forever, and the poor design of the Palm caught up.

The internal and essentially non-replaceable battery will only last for a couple of hours, since the backlight drains the unit rather quickly. There is no option for viewing without the backlight being on. The unit would die rather quickly, sometimes at a very inopportune time, leaving me wanting more, but needing to use my imagination (God help me, for I have none). I started to leave the charging plug in the Palm, so that I could just go on and on, if need be, till the sun came out again the next day. Well, another Palm deficiency was quickly discovered. The charger plug is at the base of the unit, and when you lie in bed, it rests on your chest. After a few months, the pressure of this, and it is really not much pressure, caused a warping of the elements within the charging plug/socket to alter, enough that it became impossible to charge it again. Some tech research later, and it was obvious the unit is permanently disabled. The cost of repair is comparable to buying a new Palm. I have not been able to find any comparable device which has the charging plug at the top, or even the side.

Now I actually hardcopy the stuff I'm reading, on a laser printer, and after I'm done I shred it in my cross shredder. In 3 months I've gone through some 10K sheets of paper and 1 full toner cartridge. This is crazy. I need another solution. I suppose I could just stop reading all you guys' wonderful stories, but I don't really think that is a valid option. I want other suggestions.


PS. I know we're not supposed to print or save stuff due to copyright requirements, but surely doing a quick overnight save, print and destroy is not a problem. Please assure me that this is okay.

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I hate reading from the computer myself. So what I do is save the story to a word doc. I'll then open it, adjust the margins, add page number to keep them on order and then print the story on both sides to save paper.

The stories I like, I keep on file and hard copy. I've got several note books in use now. I've got at least 3 note books dedicated to Dewey, Graeme in 1, and I'm about to start a second note book for Jamie. The 3 inch note book is just about full.

The rest of the stories I don't keep, get shredded. I do find my laptop useful to read from time to time although it gets a little unconfortable at times.

:roll: :D

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Well, that was very enlightening, maybe too enlightening in spots, though I can sympathize. I wouldn't want anyone to strain anything.

There might be some formatting alternatives. I'll make some suggestions to his dude-ness.

Another option: Text-to-speech reader software with earphones for privacy. A nice tenor or bass for the guys.... Alright, so maybe it won't make appealingly realistic sounds all the time... well, you might still consider it.

All kidding aside, speech software is an alternative, or even a must for some people.

I would *welcome* suggestions of speech software.

Any other alternatives would be welcomed too.

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I read at the computer screen.

..and am a little disappointed that Jan doesn't have a notebook of my stuff.

:geek: :cat:

Actually, I think I do. And if by chance I don't have, they are in their own little folder on my C Drive.


And, unfortunately, here it is almost 8:30 Saturday night and I'm stuck at work. Been here since 8:45 this morning.


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