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Boys wil be...

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Boys will be... by Camy. © June 2018


I like your smile, your coy sly looks.
I like the bangs you hide behind
I like your balls, your pubic hair
Too much I like to watch and stare

I like your stomach flat and lean
I like your legs and what's in between
If I've said that before, apologies,
Around you my mind's cotton wool

I like that thing between your legs
It's growing fast - I'm going red
But should we do this here and now?
Your parents might come home...


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Camy, you inspire me,

I love your poem, so sensitive.

And daring to show the truth we live,

Driven with concern for anything,

And the dizzying fascination,

That leads to satisfaction. 


Well done.

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Only Camy can write something that makes me blush a bit...I've missed reading your stuff your crazy emu.



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