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Nigel Gordon

Ashes and Embers by Wayne Grey

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This story has just started posting on the Story Lover site, and Wayne has stated that he is not going to be posting it on Nifty. So, if you are interested in reading it you will have to go to the Story Lover site.

I will say it looks like Wayne has gone up a notch in is writing and in his plot construction. He has indicated that this is going to be a slow burner and he will not be posting as often as he has in the past on Nifty, which I must say is probably a good thing. I suspect it will produce better writing and better plotting.  If you would like to read the opening chapter, you can find it here: https://storylover.us/?t=2R6PCUp16iLMHehy

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I'll second that, Nigel.  Wayne's last offering, "Camp Refuge" (Nifty, Camping category as well as on Story Lover) had a strong finish and is a great read.  Now a new one looks to be even more polished. If you send Wayne a note he'll keep you notified of new chapters.

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Chapter 2 has just been published on Story Lover. Well worth going to the site to read it.

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Great story, well written. His other two were damned good too, and gripped me through to their endings. 

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Very sad to hear that Wayne will not publish the story on Nifty. I wish that he would contact me if he has some concerns.

Don't feel too bad, David.  Wayne had promised to post at AwesomeDude but has since reneged.  (shrugs) 😦

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