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William King

New author error?

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New Authors Ivor Slipper, Greg Denton and Marin Giustinian all submitted their first stories to AwesomeDude this month.  As they are single stories and all in the Newest Short Stories category, they will get AwesomeDude Author Page creations when they submit their second stories. 

I will, however, when posting the mid-week updates to the site on Wednesday, put their names on the Author's List and link their current single story.

Clueless, however, about the reference of a link to Cynus ... ?


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20180731_064442.pngWhen adding the link to Discord chat you get a cameo of the website. Presumably, what the site owner has set up. For instance, in the case of gay authors, you get a large GA logo, but as you can see (above) with AwesomeDude for this story you get, Gabriel's Island, A story by Cynus.

I'm not either techie enough or familiar enough with these forums to tell you where it is set up like that. It's probably hidden somewhere where you never even thought about it, because usually links back to sites are just, well a link. I guess things are getting more sophisticated (or is that complicated)!



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